Take Your Child To The Library Day

Take Your Child To The Library Day - Thursday, February 6, 2025

Do you remember that feeling of a cozy welcome when you went to the library as a child? The excitement of finding some new adventure around the next stack of books? The feeling of success when you finally understood the Dewey Decimal System? Or was it the smell of the print on the pages of the books that kept you coming back? These memories are something that not many children are being introduced to since almost everything is on the internet. On Take Your Child to The Library Day it’s the perfect opportunity to make sure your child can close their eyes and conjure these memories as well.

History of Take Your Child to The Library Day

Nadine Lipman and Caitlin Augusta are co-chairpersons of the Take Your Child to The Library Day intuitive. Nadine created the idea to make a fun way to bring community awareness to the library and all the resources and events that are held there throughout the year. The first day was celebrated in 2011 and has grown to include libraries all over the country. You can go to the main website by heading to http://takeyourchildtothelibrary.blogspot.com.

When you head to this site you will be able to learn about ways to celebrate the day, and why it is important to bring the community back to the library. For years now libraries have faced funding issues and have had to get creative in their fundraising. This is the perfect chance to host events that can elevate the local library in the community’s mind. Some have even gone as far as celebrating a week instead of just a day!

How to celebrate Take Your Child to The Library Day

To celebrate this day, just follow the directions in the title and Take Your Child to The Library! Pack up and take the whole family to explore what your local library has to offer. Many libraries are right up to speed with technology and have both digital and hard-copy offerings. You may find movies and music offerings as well.

You can find books for the youngest in your family in the children’s section which no matter what city or town you are in is sure to have the same beloved authors from your youth. Fill up on Dr. Seuss, Clifford, Mother Goose and much more! If there is something you don’t find just ask your librarian and they may be able to get it. Young adults usually have a section to themselves to bridge that transition from children’s storybooks to the longer chapter books. Newer classics like Harry Potter and Twilight will be found here.

If your library is taking part in the celebrations you may find reading groups, storytellers, book sales or other fun events to take part in. Remember that without your local library to help educate our children, there really isn’t anything to replace it. Give your children the same cozy memories that you were given and celebrate Take Your Child to The Library Day!

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