Take Your Family to School Week

Take Your Family to School Week - February 16-22, 2025

Education can positively impact a child’s life as it is one of the essential parts of modern society and personal well-being. Promoting children’s welfare through impactful actions, such as meeting with teachers and learning about your school’s curriculum, are just some of the examples that significantly impact the future of children everywhere.

Take Your Family to School Week is about making a difference in your local community by getting more involved in children’s education and gives parents the opportunity to do more for their children.

History of Take Your Family to School Week

Sponsored by the PTA, or the Parent Teacher Association, Take Your Family to School Week shows how essential parents involvement in their children’s education is to school communities and family homes.

The PTA was founded in 1897 by initially as National Congress of Mothers as a strong advocate for public education. Successfully bringing mothers across the United States together for this cause, it grew in success substantially.

Eventually merging with the National Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers in 1970 to help all children gain the most from their education and become successful in life.

Introduced in 2006, Take Your Family to School Week offers a time where parents can connect to their schools, speak with their teachers and organize events where plans can be made, and children can be successful in school.

Coinciding with PTA’s Founder’s Day, this week-long holiday gives unique perspectives on their child’s school experiences and help build new partnerships between parents and teachers, helping to understand one another and gain valuable insight.

Schools all over plan events where parents can meet with teachers, such as talking about the school’s diversity, their education plans, their class subjects, and more.

How to Celebrate Take Your Family to School Week

Help your child grow and learn by making your home activities educational, such as creating a garden to gain their interest in science, help them read at home to learn about literature, and get them counting so they can become better at math.

If your school’s hosting this week’s holiday, then take the time to visit your child’s teacher to gain insight into their experiences and see what they suggest about helping your child learn and grow.

Share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #TakeYourFamilytoSchoolWeek to let your friends and family know that this is the time to care about children’s education.

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