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Be Late For Something Day - Thursday, September 5, 2024

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Are you one of those people who’s incredibly punctual? Are you enslaved to the clock and counting every minute? Do you consider letting yourself have one moment of leisure when you’re supposed to be somewhere something tantamount to a grievous sin? What’s wrong with you?

You don’t need to be on time everywhere you go, you need to stop and smell the roses once in a while and realize it’s all just one long rush to the grave if you don’t take some time for yourself. Be Late For Something Day reminds us that sometimes, just sometimes, it’s ok to let things slide and not quite be on time.

Learn about Be Late For Something Day

Be Late For Something Day will be music to a lot of people’s ears! If you are the person who always turns up to an event late, you now have the perfect opportunity to do so, and you do not need to feel guilty about it! Sounds good, right?

The truth is that we live in a world that is heavily constrained in terms of schedules and a need to be at places at certain times. We need to take the time to slow down and go at our own pace from time-to-time, and that is what this date is all about. 

This day encourages you to ditch the clock for once. Stop living by the clock. You can even put all of your wall clocks in the cupboard for the day so that time does not hold you back or distract you.

A lot of people get stressed by their lateness or they look at the clock and see that they have been procrastinating, and it makes them worried and they start to panic. Why not have a day whereby you ensure this does not happen to you by throwing the clock out the window? Metaphorically speaking, of course!

Of course, being late for something is more than okay in a lot of circumstances, but we would recommend not taking this day too literally in terms of heading to work or fulfilling an important appointment at the doctor’s.

We would hate for you to get in trouble at work because you have been honoring Be Late For Something Day. Equally, if you are late for an appointment, it is going to push the whole schedule behind for everyone else, which won’t go down particularly well, so choose your moments wisely on this day, that’s our advice!

History of Be Late For Something Day

There are some people who are just exceptional at putting things off and showing up late, and while normally we consider such behavior to be rude and entirely unacceptable, especially as a habit, Be Late For Something Day was established by the Procrastinators’ Club of America to tell us otherwise.

Every day of our lives we are taught to follow rules and stick to schedules and not keep anybody waiting, but really, when has being kept waiting really hurt anyone? Never! That’s when, and in fact there have been important business connections have only managed to be formed because someone was late, and met when they otherwise wouldn’t.

The stress of sticking exactly to a schedule has been shown to be detrimental to the health and well-being of people, especially when failing to do so causes people stress. Know why it causes stress? Because people are worried about sticking to a schedule and cause themselves to get stressed out if they don’t. Slow down, enjoy the world you live in, and give yourself a break when you might not otherwise.

How to celebrate Be Late For Something Day

Well, we spelled that out pretty clearly already, didn’t we? Take some time for yourself and allow yourself to be late for something. Good news is, since you’re planning it, you can make sure it’s not going to be something truly detrimental. See a small shop on your way to your destination that catches your fancy? Stop in and see what they have.

Enjoying a conversation with someone at the bus stop and your bus comes along? Let it go, there’ll be another. Rushing to get to work on time? Slow down, drive safely, enjoy your morning commute, and don’t let it stress you out. Be Late For Something Day is all about taking it easy and enjoying life rather than rushing around from check-point to check-point.

Another way to slow down on Be Late For Something Day is to literally slow your body down and relax. Why not treat yourself to a massage, for example? After all, we all deserve a bit of pampering from time-to-time. There are so many different types of massages and treatments.

We recommend looking for one that will involve the use of essential oils so that you can truly unwind and forget about everything that is clogging up your mind at the moment. Stop worrying about your schedule and the different places you need to attend, and instead focus on relaxing and being in the moment. 

We also recommend trying to minimize your schedule as much as possible on this date, or give yourself a longer duration of time for every task that needs to be fulfilled. This means that you are not going to be rushing around to get from A to B. It also means that you are going to be able to slow down, stop, and smell the roses. You will be able to go about your day at a much more leisurely pace, and we are sure that you are going to enjoy it much more as a consequence. 

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