The Latest List of Items & Things Holidays 2023

We Love Items & Things Holidays! Here are 169 Items & Things holidays in this year 2023. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
January 4 Thursday
Pop Music Chart Day Pop Music Chart Day Items & ThingsMusic
January 6 Saturday
Apple Tree Day Apple Tree Day Food & DrinkItems & Things
January 7 Sunday
Old Rock Day Old Rock Day Items & Things
Bobblehead Day Bobblehead Day Items & Things
I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore Day I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore Day Items & ThingsJobs & Professions
January 8 Monday
Earth’s Rotation Day Earth’s Rotation Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
Argyle Day Argyle Day ClothingItems & Things
January 13 Saturday
Rubber Duckie Day Rubber Duckie Day Items & Things
Sticker Day Sticker Day Hobbies & ActivitiesItems & ThingsStationery
January 15 Monday
Hat Day Hat Day AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
Pothole Day Pothole Day Items & Things
January 17 Wednesday
Cable Car Day Cable Car Day Items & Things
January 18 Thursday
Thesaurus Day Thesaurus Day Books & LiteratureItems & Things
January 19 Friday
Tin Can Day Tin Can Day Items & Things
January 20 Saturday
Camcorder Day Camcorder Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
January 21 Sunday
International Sweatpants Day International Sweatpants Day ClothingItems & Things
January 24 Wednesday
Beer Can Appreciation Day Beer Can Appreciation Day Items & Things
January 28 Sunday
Data Privacy Day Data Privacy Day Items & ThingsScience & TechnologySoftware
January 29 Monday
Curmudgeons Day Curmudgeons Day Items & ThingsPeople & Relationships
February 1 Thursday
Car Insurance Day Car Insurance Day Items & ThingsServices
February 4 Sunday
Sweater Day Sweater Day ClothingItems & Things
February 7 Wednesday
Send a Card to a Friend Day Send a Card to a Friend Day Items & ThingsPost & MailReading & Writing
February 9 Friday
Read In The Bathtub Day Read In The Bathtub Day Books & LiteratureItems & Things
February 10 Saturday
Umbrella Day Umbrella Day AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
Plimsoll Day Plimsoll Day Items & Things
February 11 Sunday
White Shirt Day White Shirt Day ClothingItems & Things
February 14 Wednesday
Ferris Wheel Day Ferris Wheel Day Architecture & BuildingsItems & Things
February 18 Sunday
Battery Day Battery Day Items & Things
Pluto Day Pluto Day Items & Things
February 20 Tuesday
Handcuff Day Handcuff Day Items & Things
February 21 Wednesday
International Mother Language Day International Mother Language Day Items & ThingsLanguage
February 26 Monday
Levi Strauss Day Levi Strauss Day ClothingItems & Things
March 2 Saturday
Old Stuff Day Old Stuff Day Items & Things
March 4 Monday
Grammar Day Grammar Day Items & ThingsLanguage
March 8 Friday
Fill Our Staplers Day Fill Our Staplers Day Items & ThingsStationery
March 9 Saturday
False Teeth Day False Teeth Day Items & Things
March 10 Sunday
International Wig Day International Wig Day Items & Things
Skirt Day Skirt Day ClothingItems & Things
March 12 Tuesday
International Fanny Pack Day International Fanny Pack Day AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
March 13 Wednesday
Ken Day Ken Day Items & Things
Earmuffs Day Earmuffs Day AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
Open An Umbrella Indoors Day Open An Umbrella Indoors Day AccessoriesItems & Things
Jewel Day Jewel Day AccessoriesItems & Things
March 14 Thursday
Pi Day Pi Day Items & ThingsMathematics
Dry Shampoo Day Dry Shampoo Day Body & HealthItems & Things
Check Your Batteries Day Check Your Batteries Day Items & Things
March 16 Saturday
No Selfies Day No Selfies Day Items & ThingsLife & LivingPeople & Relationships
March 21 Thursday
International Fragrance Day International Fragrance Day Items & Things
March 25 Monday
Tolkien Reading Day Tolkien Reading Day Books & LiteratureItems & Things
March 30 Thursday
Pencil Day Pencil Day Items & ThingsStationery
March 31 Friday
Bunsen Burner Day Bunsen Burner Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
Crayola Crayon Day Crayola Crayon Day Items & ThingsStationery
April 2 Sunday
Children’s Book Day Children’s Book Day Books & LiteratureChildrenItems & Things
April 3 Monday
DIY Day DIY Day Art & DrawingCraftsHobbies & ActivitiesItems & Things
Tweed Day Tweed Day ClothingCrimeItems & Things
April 6 Thursday
Tartan Day Tartan Day ClothingItems & ThingsScotland
April 10 Monday
International Safety Pin Day International Safety Pin Day Items & Things
April 11 Tuesday
Submarine Day Submarine Day Items & Things
April 15 Saturday
ASL Day ASL Day Hobbies & ActivitiesItems & ThingsLanguage
April 18 Tuesday
Piñata Day Piñata Day Items & ThingsMexico
April 19 Wednesday
Poetry And The Creative Mind Day Poetry And The Creative Mind Day Books & LiteratureItems & Things
April 22 Saturday
World Stationery Day World Stationery Day Items & ThingsStationery
April 23 Sunday
English Language Day English Language Day Items & ThingsLanguage
World Book Night World Book Night Books & LiteratureItems & Things
April 25 Tuesday
International Marconi Day International Marconi Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
April 26 Wednesday
Pinhole Photography Day Pinhole Photography Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
Get Organized Day Get Organized Day Items & ThingsStationery
April 27 Thursday
Morse Code Day Morse Code Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
Tell a Story Day Tell a Story Day Books & LiteratureItems & Things
April 29 Saturday
Zipper Day Zipper Day ClothingItems & Things
May 1 Monday
Mother Goose Day Mother Goose Day AnimalsItems & Things
May 4 Thursday
K.I.N.D Day K.I.N.D Day Body & HealthHelping OthersItems & ThingsLife & Living
May 5 Friday
Hug A Shed And Take A Selfie Hug A Shed And Take A Selfie Architecture & BuildingsItems & Things
Nail Day Nail Day Body & HealthItems & ThingsMakeup
Revenge of the Fifth Revenge of the Fifth Hobbies & ActivitiesItems & ThingsToys & Games
May 7 Sunday
Love’s Baby Soft Day Love’s Baby Soft Day AccessoriesItems & Things
May 9 Tuesday
Lost Sock Memorial Day Lost Sock Memorial Day ClothingItems & Things
Windmill Day Windmill Day Architecture & BuildingsItems & Things
May 12 Friday
Odometer Day Odometer Day Items & Things
May 15 Monday
Nylon Stockings Day Nylon Stockings Day ClothingItems & Things
Straw Hat Day Straw Hat Day AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
May 17 Wednesday
World Telecommunications Day World Telecommunications Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
Pack Rat Day Pack Rat Day Attitudes & EmotionsItems & ThingsLife & Living
May 18 Thursday
Museum Day Museum Day Architecture & BuildingsArt & DrawingItems & Things
May 20 Saturday
Weights & Measures Day Weights & Measures Day Items & ThingsMathematics
May 21 Sunday
Memo Day Memo Day Items & ThingsStationery
I Need A Patch For That Day I Need A Patch For That Day AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
Notebook Day Notebook Day Hobbies & ActivitiesItems & ThingsPlanning & OrganizingStationery
May 22 Monday
Maritime Day Maritime Day Items & Things
May 24 Wednesday
Tiara Day Tiara Day AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
May 27 Saturday
Cellophane Tape Day Cellophane Tape Day Items & ThingsStationery
Sun Screen Day Sun Screen Day Items & Things
May 29 Monday
Paper Clip Day Paper Clip Day Items & ThingsStationery
June 3 Saturday
Insect Repellent Awareness Day Insect Repellent Awareness Day Items & Things
June 7 Wednesday
VCR Day VCR Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
June 10 Saturday
Ball Point Pen Day Ball Point Pen Day Items & Things
June 13 Tuesday
Sewing Machine Day Sewing Machine Day Items & Things
June 15 Thursday
Magna Carta Day Magna Carta Day Historical InterestItems & Things
June 17 Saturday
Tessellation Day Tessellation Day Items & Things
June 19 Monday
World Sickle Cell Awareness Day World Sickle Cell Awareness Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
June 23 Friday
Typewriter Day Typewriter Day Hobbies & ActivitiesItems & ThingsJobs & ProfessionsTypewriter
June 25 Sunday
Color TV Day Color TV Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
June 27 Tuesday
Sunglasses Day Sunglasses Day AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
June 28 Wednesday
International Body Piercing Day International Body Piercing Day AccessoriesBody & HealthClothingItems & ThingsLife & Living
July 5 Wednesday
Bikini Day Bikini Day ClothingItems & Things
July 6 Thursday
Umbrella Cover Day Umbrella Cover Day AccessoriesItems & Things
July 13 Thursday
International Rock Day International Rock Day Items & ThingsMineralsNature & Environment
July 17 Monday
Yellow Pig Day Yellow Pig Day AnimalsItems & ThingsPigsScience & Technology
July 20 Thursday
Moon Day Moon Day Items & Things
July 29 Saturday
Lipstick Day Lipstick Day AccessoriesItems & ThingsMakeup
August 2 Wednesday
Doll Day Doll Day ChildrenItems & ThingsToys & Games
August 3 Thursday
Clean Your Floors Day Clean Your Floors Day Items & ThingsJobs & Professions
August 5 Saturday
Underwear Day Underwear Day AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
August 6 Sunday
Cycle to Work Day Cycle to Work Day Items & ThingsTransport
August 7 Monday
Lighthouse Day Lighthouse Day Architecture & BuildingsItems & Things
Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day Items & Things
August 8 Tuesday
Garage Sale Day Garage Sale Day Hobbies & ActivitiesItems & Things
August 9 Wednesday
Book Lovers Day Book Lovers Day Books & LiteratureHobbies & ActivitiesItems & ThingsReading & WritingRelaxation
August 10 Thursday
Skyscraper Appreciation Day Skyscraper Appreciation Day Architecture & BuildingsItems & Things
August 14 Monday
Social Security Day Social Security Day Items & Things
August 18 Friday
Mail Order Catalog Day Mail Order Catalog Day Items & ThingsPeople & RelationshipsPost & Mail
August 19 Saturday
International Bow Day International Bow Day AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
August 24 Thursday
Knife Day Knife Day Items & Things
Pluto Demoted Day Pluto Demoted Day Items & Things
Internaut Day Internaut Day Items & ThingsScience & TechnologySoftware
August 28 Monday
Radio Commercials Day Radio Commercials Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
Bow Tie Day Bow Tie Day AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
August 30 Wednesday
Slinky Day Slinky Day Items & Things
August 31 Thursday
We Love Memoirs Day We Love Memoirs Day Books & LiteratureItems & Things
September 2 Saturday
V-J Day V-J Day Historical InterestItems & Things
September 3 Sunday
Skyscraper Day Skyscraper Day Architecture & BuildingsItems & Things
September 4 Monday
Newspaper Carrier Day Newspaper Carrier Day Items & Things
September 5 Tuesday
Be Late For Something Day Be Late For Something Day AccessoriesItems & ThingsPeople & Relationships
September 8 Friday
Another Look Unlimited Day Another Look Unlimited Day Items & Things
October 2 Monday
Name Your Car Day Name Your Car Day Hobbies & ActivitiesItems & ThingsNames
October 3 Tuesday
Virus Appreciation Day Virus Appreciation Day HealthcareITItems & Things
Techies Day Techies Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
October 4 Wednesday
Change A Light Day Change A Light Day Hobbies & ActivitiesItems & ThingsScience & Technology
October 5 Thursday
Balloons Around the World Day Balloons Around the World Day Items & Things
October 6 Friday
Plaidurday Plaidurday ClothingItems & Things
October 10 Tuesday
I Love Yarn Day I Love Yarn Day Items & Things
Handbag Day Handbag Day AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
November 5 Sunday
Gunpowder Day Gunpowder Day Items & Things
November 6 Monday
Fountain Pen Day Fountain Pen Day Items & ThingsStationery
November 8 Wednesday
X-Ray Day X-Ray Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
November 10 Friday
Area Code Day Area Code Day Items & Things
November 16 Thursday
Button Day Button Day AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
November 18 Saturday
GIS Day GIS Day Hobbies & ActivitiesItems & ThingsScience & Technology
November 20 Monday
Absurdity Day Absurdity Day Items & ThingsLife & Living
November 23 Thursday
Fibonacci Day Fibonacci Day Items & ThingsMathematics
November 25 Saturday
Shopping Reminder Day Shopping Reminder Day Items & ThingsPeople & Relationships
November 29 Wednesday
Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Architecture & BuildingsItems & Things
Package Protection Day Package Protection Day Items & Things
December 3 Sunday
Roof Over Your Head Day Roof Over Your Head Day Architecture & BuildingsItems & Things
December 6 Wednesday
Mitten Tree Day Mitten Tree Day AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
Put On Your Own Shoes Day Put On Your Own Shoes Day AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
December 11 Monday
Lost & Found Day Lost & Found Day Items & ThingsLife & LivingPeople & Relationships
December 18 Monday
Ugly Christmas Sweater Day Ugly Christmas Sweater Day ClothingItems & Things
December 21 Thursday
Flashlight Day Flashlight Day Items & ThingsScience & Technology
Dalek Remembrance Day Dalek Remembrance Day Items & Things
January 1 Monday
Clean Up Your Computer Month Clean Up Your Computer Month Items & ThingsScience & Technology
March 1 Wednesday
Umbrella Month Umbrella Month AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
Small Press Month Small Press Month Books & LiteratureItems & Things
International Ideas Month International Ideas Month IdeasItems & Things
April 1 Saturday
Straw Hat Month Straw Hat Month AccessoriesClothingItems & Things
April 23 Sunday
Go Diaper Free Week Go Diaper Free Week Body & HealthItems & ThingsLife & Living
June 1 Thursday
International Mud Month International Mud Month Items & ThingsNature & Environment
October 1 Sunday
Computer Learning Month Computer Learning Month Items & ThingsPeople & RelationshipsScience & Technology
December 1 Friday
Tie Month Tie Month AccessoriesClothingItems & Things