International Bow Day

International Bow Day - Monday, August 19, 2024

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It’s true! Whether made of silk or cotton, plain or bedecked with rhinestones and glitter, there’s one thing you can know for certain. No matter what it is, putting a bow on it will make it better. International Bow Day encourages us all to wear a bow and share their magnificence with the world at large.

History of International Bow Day

International Bow Day was established to celebrate the glory of the bow, and the amazing power it has to make anything it’s placed on infinitely superior to what it was before. Bows appear in any number of permutations, from hair-bows used to bind up hair and decorate it in one fell swoop, to bow ties that grace the neck of the noblest and wisest of men. Just ask Bill Nye! Bows can be made from any material you can imagine, provided that its flexible enough!

That’s right, bows can be tied in ribbon, or latex, or plastic, or even grass! In every case, they make everything you place it on better. Presents are also tied up with bows, and we all know that presents are the best sorts of things. Just like bows they can be anything! Imagine for instance that you open up the bow tying your present shut to reveal that inside is… more bow making supplies!

What wonderful kind of day would that be? You can also tie a bow to remind you of things, as is often done with a piece of red string tied around ones finger. This little reminder sits upon your finger with its jaunty loops as a constant reminder of the little things you mustn’t forget!

How to celebrate International Bow Day

How to celebrate International Bow Day? Start tying bows in, on, and around things! What kinds of bows? Well, there’s hundreds! That’s right, there’s more to just tying a bow then a pair of simple loops. There’s the classic bow that we’re all familiar with (most of us use it to tie our shoes), a package bow that’s designed to be set atop a package, such as one containing a gift. Then there’s a layer bow, which isn’t really a bow like you’d expect, but instead, three strips of fabric with another piece of fabric looped around, and they can be quite lovely! One of our favorites is the Dior bow, look it up and see what kind of beauty it is! International Bow Day encourages you to explore the wonderful world of the bow, and start learning how to tie as many as you can!

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