International Fanny Pack Day

International Fanny Pack Day - Tuesday, March 12, 2024

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Remember the fanny pack? The fad from the 1980s of wearing a pack around your waist as an alternative to carrying a purse but could be worn by men as well took over many people’s good fashion sense. Sometimes these fanny packs were made in bright neon colors and prints. International Fanny Pack Day aims to use this fun fashion accessory to shine a light on a serious social issue, helping the hungry.

History of International Fanny Pack Day

Nick Yates created International Fanny Pack Day in 2007. The desire to create this holiday came out of a random encounter he had with a homeless man after a Christmas party. At the party, he had received a fruitcake and a fanny pack as gag gifts. Thinking it wouldn’t hurt, he strapped on the fanny pack and put the fruitcake inside (you could put many things in those fanny packs!) and set off for the bus stop.

When he was on the way to the bus stop, a homeless man teased him about the fanny pack. Mr. Yates then gave the man the fruitcake and continued on his way, though reportedly the man was not overly thrilled with the cake! This got him to thinking that there could be a connection between the fanny pack and helping the hungry. He would go on to get into contact with food banks to get the movement started. He continued to hand out food while wearing the fanny pack. The idea took off and had been celebrated in over seven countries.

How to celebrate International Fanny Pack Day

Hunger is a problem throughout the world. It doesn’t matter how advanced or wealthy a country is, there always seems to be a part of society that just cannot get what they need. Nick Yates created something out of a gag gift that has helped countless people. Celebrate International Fanny Pack Day by digging yours out of the back of the closet and fill it up with food to pass out in your community.

Mr. Yates gathered his friends with him when he was trying to make a difference. Use that example and gather yours to make a difference in your community. Even if you don’t wear the fanny pack, look around your community for where help is needed. Food pantries, homeless shelters, community centers and schools are places that are always looking for help in feeding the hungry.

There are many ways to get involved. You can volunteer your time to help deliver food, or serve meals. You can organize a food drive to help food pantries. You can team up with other volunteers throughout the community to help find the people who are at risk of going hungry. A shockingly large percentage of people who are hungry are children.

Thanks to Nick Yates and his famous fanny pack, there is a day to poke fun at past fashion and help those in need. Strap on your fanny pack and help make a difference in someone’s life!

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