Straw Hat Month

Straw Hat Month - April 2024

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Straw hats have always had something of a pastoral air to them, from the conical straw hat commonly seen in rice fields to the wide-brimmed straw hats worn by ‘hayseed farmers’ in the Americas, straw hats say agriculture.

What is largely unknown to many is how far back the history of the straw hat stretches. While some things may only get a single day of celebration dedicated to them, so important is the straw hat that it has an entire month dedicated to it!

History of Straw Hat Month

Straw Hats have appeared in cultures the world over, and have been made from just about every conceivable form of straw or grass as a result. Some of the most common are wheat straw hats, most commonly found in the Italian Peninsula, rush straws, palm leaves (did you know that a Palm Tree has much in common with grasses? Us either!) and of course rice straw and bamboo that are used in Asian Conical hats. It may seem a bit early to consider wearing a straw hat, especially since most people associate them with warm summer wear, but they really can be appropriate for much of the year, especially in milder climates.

The unique properties of the straw hat make it a great piece of attire no matter what weather you face. Is it hot and sunny out? The woven straw hat will let heat escape while protecting your head from the pounding rays of a mid-day sun. Is it raining? A properly woven straw hat will let the rain roll right off your head and away from your face and clothes, helping you to stay dry. They may not be great when dealing with truly cold weather like snow, but wrapping a cloth around your head under the straw hat will help trap heat while keeping the snow or cold winter rain off your head.

Modern straw hats are sometimes made with plastic strips, laminated grasses, or woven paper, but for our money, we think that traditional straw hats are the only appropriate wear for Straw Hat Month. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways.

How to Celebrate Straw Hat Month

Well, it all starts with your choice of attire now, doesn’t it? Straw Hat Month is a great opportunity to trot out your straw hat collection and share them with the world. What’s that? Don’t you have a straw hat collection? Then this is a great excuse to start to build one!

From the Panama hat to the Conical Straw Hat, and everything in between, there’s an endless variety to choose from! There’s sure to be a straw hat that fits your style, Straw Hat Month is your excuse to find it!

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