Tie Month

Tie Month - December 2024

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Pause and think a moment, imagine for yourself a powerful man in command of himself and the world. Respectable, dependable, and the very symbol of trustworthiness in a world that’s forgotten what being trustworthy means.

If you’ve just imagined a man in a suit and tie (and you know the tie is mandatory) then you’ll understand why the noble necktie has been granted a holiday of its very own, Tie Month.

History of Tie Month

That’s right, the tie is of such importance that it gets an entire month dedicated to it, unlike the poor sock which is only commemorated in No Socks Day for the wonder that is not wearing them. But why is the tie so important, and how did it come to mean power and distinction? Well, it all starts back in the 1600’s during the Croatian war, when the mercenaries cravat’s caught the Parisian attention, and became integrated into their fashion culture.

The cravat stuck around as an item of distinction, until they underwent a bit of a revolution and became the Steinkirk. The cravat had become so important that one wouldn’t think of going anywhere, not even to battle, without wearing one. So it was that the princes involved in the Battle of Steinkirk hurriedly put on their cravats and looped them through a button-hole. A little imagination can reveal the origins of the modern neck-tie in this simple adaptation.

The modern tie made its appearance in the late 1800’s, sometime after the ascot was created. In those hundreds of years the tie and its ancestors had been worn by the powerful, the influential, and thus it became associated with serious men on serious business. So it is that professors, CEO’s, the serious job-seeker (even Jesse Pinkman in his short dance with legitimacy) all turn to one item when they want to show they’re up-standing men on upstanding business.

How to celebrate Tie Month

Celebrating Tie Month is simple, when you prepare to get dressed for the day ahead, take the time to pick out an appropriate tie. Don’t have a tie? Well its high time you fix that, so head out and purchase yourself a tie or 6 straight-away, or even one for every day of the month! Just one thing, we highly advise that you avoid purchasing the cornflower blue tie, no one likes cornflower blue.

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