American Red Cross Giving Day

American Red Cross Giving Day - Monday, April 21, 2025

The American Red Cross has been working to provide assistance to those in need the world over for many years. Throughout all of this it would have been impossible to have accomplished a fraction of what they have without the tireless efforts of volunteers. Red Cross Giving Day celebrates all of these volunteers and the work they do, and recognizes them for being there for those who have had their lives ravaged by disasters, emergencies, and war.

History of Red Cross Giving Day

Red Cross Giving Day was first established in June of 2015, and stands as a 24-hour rally to bring the public in to support the mission that it works at tirelessly every day. Even when the news shares no disasters, the Red Cross is still working without end to see that they are prepared for when the next great need arises. When storms arise, fires hit, or other disasters leave families disenfranchised, the Red Cross is there with the support of its countrymen to help them find their feet and restore as much of their lives as they’re able.

Their work goes beyond their day to day labors, but also includes providing important resources to educate and prepare people for times of emergency. Over 15,000 people learn how to save a life through the safety training they provide every day, including using their mobile app downloads. They do blood drives to fill the never ending need for blood for emergencies and surgeries. They also work tirelessly to support military members, and to get vaccinations to over 300,000 children around the world against measles and rubella. With the tireless work of these heroes, Red Cross Giving Day reminds us that it wouldn’t be possible without our support and efforts.

How To celebrate Red Cross Giving Day

Remember that this work needs endless support and volunteers to keep it moving. Red Cross Giving Day can be the one day a year that you work with your neighbors and communities to help provide the support they need to keep providing these services to people all over the world. If you cannot donate financially, then you can donate your time and efforts to help accomplish their goals, or even to help run a donation drive to get them the money they need to keep helping people everywhere.

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