National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day

National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day - Monday, April 21, 2025

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Bulldogs, beautiful? Well, yes! French, American, or English — bulldogs portray glamour in their own special way. That’s why we present National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day each April 21. (In case you’re wondering, our photo shows a very pretty French bulldog.)

True — people (as a rule) can’t get away with a lot of slobbering and wrinkles, but bulldogs make it an art form. They started popping up as furry companions in historical literature about five centuries ago. Today this sweet sidekick continually ranks as one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S. French bulldogs currently sit fourth on the American Kennel Club’s list. (Bulldogs, technically a separate breed, are fifth.)  

Here’s more on why we love them so much.

National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day timeline


The Beautiful Bulldog Contest turns 40

This annual event takes place at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. (Home of the Bulldogs!) "Contestants" walk the pageant runway, show off their costumes, and perform tricks for the judges.


Bulldogs served their country

Jiggs, a bulldog, enlisted to serve in the U.S. Marine Corps


AKC recognition

The American Kennel Club officially recognized bulldogs as a breed.


"The Bulldog Club Incorporated"

Based in the UK, this is the oldest breed club in the world. Founders established the club to "promote the breeding of pure bulldogs of the true type."


New World bulldogs

The first bulldogs sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to arrive in America.

National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day Activities

  1. Volunteer at an animal shelter

    It’s heartbreaking, but not every bulldog gets to celebrate National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day in the comfort of their own forever home. Lend a helping hand to bulldogs — and every other dog breed — by volunteering some of your time to your local animal shelter. Your heart will be full afterward, and you’ll probably even get some puppy kisses to help sweeten the deal.

  2. Visit a pet-friendly restaurant or bar

    Pack up your bulldog and head out to grab some tasty food and drinks. Most pet-friendly restaurants set out water bowls for your pup to enjoy as they hang out with you, but if you do a little research, you may even find a spot that has a menu dedicated just to the hounds.

  3. Indulge your pet

    Stopping at the local pet bakery on a daily basis probably isn’t the best thing for your furry friend’s waistline, but today is National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day, and that means ALL bulldogs are beautiful. Today is the perfect reason to indulge the bulldogs in your life—big and small. Yes, this also means you should stop by the human bakery and treat yourself as well.

Why We Love National Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day

  1. They make drool cool

    Acknowledging the beauty of everyday life is a sure way to elevate your mood. Bulldogs? They’re gorgeous just the way they are – drool hanging out of the corner of their mouth and bull-legged posture just add to the beauty.

  2. They're adaptable

    Bulldogs are great for city dwellers and country folk. This breed is fairly low-energy, so they don’t require a ton of exercise. They'll be content whether sniffing around a huge backyard or are taking a nap on the floor of your apartment.

  3. They make great watchdogs

    They’re sweet-natured, but the staunch, muscular appearance of bulldogs can be intimidating. Although bulldogs are usually easygoing and lazy, when provoked, they're not afraid to make their presence known when necessary.

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