National Horse Day

National Horse Day - Friday, December 13, 2024

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What is National Horse Day?

National Horse Day is celebrated every December 13. It’s a day to remember the economic, historic, and cultural contributions that horses have made. Equine enthusiasts across the country will get together on December 13 to show their appreciation for these majestic creatures. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or have never been on a horse in your life, check out some ways you can recognize the day!

History of National Horse Day

In 2004, Congress designated December 13 as National Horse Day and, since then, Americans have been taking the day to celebrate and appreciate the role of the horse in not only helping our country become what it is today, but also its current role in the modern era. 
Horses, in general, contribute roughly $9.2 billion to the US economy. Whether they’re helping plow fields; move food and supplies into rural areas; move livestock in ranches; or just provide sweet, thoughtful equine therapy; horses have woven themselves into the fabric of life in America. 
While the horse may have arrived in America through colonialism, they’ve flourished in the great plains and mountainous west, where wild herds’ thunderous hooves are still heard to this day. Rodeos are still a vibrant and celebrated part of the culture of the American west, and, in many rugged and rural areas, horses are still necessary for getting work done. 
While the history of horse day may be new to the millennium, horses themselves have always been intrinsic to the lives of many Americans. 

National Horse Day timeline


New research done on horse eyesight

Equine specialists learned that horses see colors differently than humans. This information can be used to improve racecourse safety.

May 17, 1875

The Kentucky Derby began

The horse Aristides, and his rider, Oliver Lewis, won the first ever Derby.


​The Mongols went to war

They were well known for their speedy raids and horse-mounted archers. With the help of the horse, they were able to conquer much of the Asian continent.

​5000 BC

Humans began domesticating horses​

The earliest evidence came from shin bones and bit gear found in Kazakhstan. By 3000 BC, domesticated horses were widespread.

National Horse Day FAQs

What day is National Horse Day?

By an act of Congress, National Horse Day is every year on December 13. 

What is the National Day for November 13?

November 13 is one of the few days of the year without a National Holiday. Consider it your free day to do celebrate yourself!

Is National Boyfriend Day Real?

Yes, it is! And if your boyfriend is into horses then consider this a double boyfriend day. 

5 Wild Horse Facts

  1. ​Isn't a Mustang a car?

    Mustangs are wild horses that live mainly in the western U.S.

  2. We can thank Spanish explorers

    Mustangs are descended from Iberian horses, which were brought by Spanish explorers to the Americas.

  3. ​Big horses, small numbers

    ​Though they they aren't on the endangered species list, there are fewer than 25,000 wild horses in the U.S.

  4. ​They're built for survival

    ​Mustangs have no natural predators.

  5. ​Age is but a number

    ​Some horses can live up to 40 years in the wild.

National Horse Day Statistics

$9.2 billion
How much horses contribute to the United States economy. And they don’t even get paid!
9.2 million
Conveniently and coincidentally, there’s 9.2 million horses in the United States. That means each horse contributes roughly one thousand dollars to the American economy every year and all they ask for are carrots and apples. 
Roughly 600 feral horses combined live on sparsely populated islands off the coast of Georgia and on North Carolina’s Outer Banks islands. Left centuries ago by settlers, these horses have flourished in these desolate lands. 

National Horse Day Activities

  1. Go for a horseback ride

    Whether you're an avid equestrian or a horse novice, take a ride to celebrate National Horse Day.

  2. Watch a horse movie

    "Seabiscuit," "Black Beauty," "National Velvet." And that's just the beginning.

  3. Donate to an equine charity

    Lots of organizations are dedicated to helping horses. Do some research and find out how you can help.

Why We Love National Horse Day

  1. Horses have been our companions for thousands of years

    Humans have bonded with horses for a long time, so it only makes sense that there is a whole day dedicated to them!

  2. Horses play a big role in American culture

    From cowboys to the Kentucky Derby, horses are ingrained in American history. Whether you're a horse person or not, you've surely witnessed America's love for horses at some point.

  3. Horses make our lives better

    Equestrians love the spirit of competition that comes with riding in horse shows. Farmers need horses to manage everyday tasks. And plenty of people in between enjoy going for the occasional horseback ride. Horses bring a sense of enjoyment and camraderie into the lives of people across the world.

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