Violin Day

Violin Day - Friday, December 13, 2024

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The violin is easily the most popular bowed string instrument across the world, and we’re really not all that surprised to see that the violin does in fact have a day dedicated to its existence. After all, everything from Western and Indian classical music to bluegrass and jazz would be unimaginable today without the violin. It’s quite possibly the most versatile instrument in the world in terms of repertoire, and that’s why there’s a Violin Day to celebrate it!

History of Violin Day

The violin itself evolved from medieval fiddles, and came into a distinct form by the 15th century (most violins today are copies after either Stradivarius or Amati, the latter being active as a violinmaker in the 16th century), becoming the most popular virtuoso instrument in Europe by the 1660s.

Today, the violin not only remains an indispensable feature of western classical music, but has found its way into various forms of classical and folk music around the world as well as various other genres. There are a lot of violinists and fiddle players throughout the world today, so it we can see why Violin Day caught on.

In fact, the violin is present in the most prestigious musical groups in the world, including the Venetian Philharmonic Orchestra! Imagine an instrument with such humble beginnings becoming such an important mainstay of modern classical music.

How to celebrate Violin Day

Well, if you play the instrument, then you may as well play the violin in honor of violin day. If you’ve ever had the inclination to learn the violin, or perhaps have one laying around unused, now is a good time to start taking violin lessons. If you just want to appreciate the sound of the violin without actually playing it, then you could go to a concert where the instrument would be played on violin day.

Or perhaps you know someone interested in learning the violin but doesn’t have an instrument – today would be the perfect occasion to gift that person a violin. Or you could gift something to a violinist who you know, even if it’s just some sheet music or some rosin to show your appreciation for them and their instrument. The modern violin family includes not only the violin, but also the viola, the violoncello, and the double bass as well. So if you know any cellists or violists, today would also be a great day to listen to them play or to get them a gift.

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