Escargot Day

Escargot Day - Friday, May 24, 2024

Animals Snails

French for edible snails, Escargot were the first animals to be farmed by man; archaeological evidence has found traces of heliciculture going back thousands of years. They are consumed across the whole of what used to be the Roman Empire. Snails are an excellent form of protein, tasty, low in fat, and they can’t run very fast.

The flavoursome gastropods are classically served grilled, in their shells, smothered in garlic butter; with a metal pick to hook the meat out with. In France you can find tinned snails, with a carton of empty shells attached, and specially dimpled plates to serve them on. Why not celebrate Escargot Day with the classic snail joke from the movie Trading Places, ’ This snail buys a sports car and has it sprayed with a massive letter ‘S’, so everyone will see him and say ’Watch that ‘S’ car go.’

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