The Latest List of Animals Holidays 2023

We Love Animals Holidays! Here are 111 Animals holidays in this year 2023. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
January 2 Tuesday
Happy Mew Year Day For Cats Happy Mew Year Day For Cats AnimalsCats
January 5 Friday
Bird Day Bird Day AnimalsBirds
January 14 Sunday
Dress Up Your Pet Day Dress Up Your Pet Day AnimalsCatsClothingDogs
January 20 Saturday
Penguin Awareness Day Penguin Awareness Day AnimalsPenguins
January 21 Sunday
Squirrel Appreciation Day Squirrel Appreciation Day Animals
January 22 Monday
Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day AnimalsCats
January 31 Wednesday
Gorilla Suit Day Gorilla Suit Day AnimalsGorillas
February 1 Thursday
Serpent Day Serpent Day AnimalsSnakes
February 2 Friday
Marmot Day Marmot Day Animals
Sled Dog Day Sled Dog Day AnimalsDogs
Hedgehog Day Hedgehog Day AnimalsHedgehogs
February 5 Monday
Western Monarch Day Western Monarch Day Animals
February 14 Wednesday
Pet Theft Awareness Day Pet Theft Awareness Day Animals
February 15 Thursday
Hippo Day Hippo Day Animals
February 20 Tuesday
Love Your Pet Day Love Your Pet Day Animals
February 22 Thursday
Walking the Dog Day Walking the Dog Day AnimalsDogs
February 27 Tuesday
Polar Bear Day Polar Bear Day AnimalsBears
March 1 Friday
Horse Protection Day Horse Protection Day AnimalsHorses
Pig Day Pig Day AnimalsPigs
March 3 Sunday
What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day AnimalsCatsDogs
March 14 Thursday
Learn About Butterflies Day Learn About Butterflies Day Animals
Moth-er Day Moth-er Day AnimalsMoth
March 15 Friday
Buzzards Day Buzzards Day AnimalsBirds
March 16 Saturday
Panda Day Panda Day Animals
March 19 Tuesday
Poultry Day Poultry Day Animals
March 23 Saturday
Puppy Day Puppy Day AnimalsDogs
March 25 Monday
Manatee Appreciation Day Manatee Appreciation Day Animals
April 2 Sunday
Ferret Day Ferret Day Animals
April 4 Tuesday
World Rat Day World Rat Day Animals
April 7 Friday
Beaver Day Beaver Day Animals
April 8 Saturday
Zoo Lovers Day Zoo Lovers Day Animals
Draw a Picture of a Bird Day Draw a Picture of a Bird Day AnimalsBirds
April 9 Sunday
Unicorn Day Unicorn Day AnimalsFantasy & Magic
April 11 Tuesday
Pet Day Pet Day Animals
April 14 Friday
Dolphin Day Dolphin Day Animals
April 16 Sunday
Save The Elephant Day Save The Elephant Day Animals
April 17 Monday
International Bat Appreciation Day International Bat Appreciation Day animalsAppreciation
Bat Appreciation Day Bat Appreciation Day Animals
April 18 Tuesday
Pet Owners Independence Day Pet Owners Independence Day Animals
April 21 Friday
Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day AnimalsDogs
April 23 Sunday
Lost Dog Awareness Day Lost Dog Awareness Day Animals
April 24 Monday
Hairball Awareness Day Hairball Awareness Day Animals
April 25 Tuesday
Save The Frogs Day Save The Frogs Day AnimalsFrogs
World Penguin Day World Penguin Day AnimalsPenguins
April 26 Wednesday
Help A Horse Day Help A Horse Day AnimalsHorses
April 27 Thursday
World Tapir Day World Tapir Day Animals
May 1 Monday
Mother Goose Day Mother Goose Day AnimalsItems & Things
Purebred Dog Day Purebred Dog Day AnimalsDogs
May 8 Monday
World Donkey Day World Donkey Day Animals
May 13 Saturday
Frog Jumping Day Frog Jumping Day AnimalsFrogs
May 15 Monday
Endangered Species Day Endangered Species Day Animals
May 16 Tuesday
Horse Rescue Day Horse Rescue Day AnimalsHorses
Sea Monkey Day Sea Monkey Day AnimalsFish
May 23 Tuesday
Turtle Day Turtle Day AnimalsTurtles
May 24 Wednesday
Escargot Day Escargot Day AnimalsSnails
June 4 Sunday
Hug Your Cat Day Hug Your Cat Day AnimalsCats
June 19 Monday
Garfield The Cat Day Garfield The Cat Day AnimalsCats
June 21 Wednesday
World Giraffe Day World Giraffe Day Animals
June 25 Sunday
Catfish Day Catfish Day AnimalsFish
June 26 Monday
Take Your Dog To Work Day Take Your Dog To Work Day AnimalsDogs
June 28 Wednesday
Happy Heart Hugs Day Happy Heart Hugs Day AnimalsDogs
July 10 Monday
Don’t Step On A Bee Day Don’t Step On A Bee Day Animals
Teddy Bear Picnic Day Teddy Bear Picnic Day AnimalsBearsChildren
July 14 Friday
Shark Awareness Day Shark Awareness Day AnimalsShark
July 15 Saturday
Pet Fire Safety Day Pet Fire Safety Day Animals
July 16 Sunday
Guinea Pig Appreciation Day Guinea Pig Appreciation Day Animals
World Snake Day World Snake Day AnimalsReptiles & Lizards
July 17 Monday
Yellow Pig Day Yellow Pig Day AnimalsItems & ThingsPigsScience & Technology
July 18 Tuesday
Caviar Day Caviar Day AnimalsFishFood & Drink
July 29 Saturday
International Tiger Day International Tiger Day AnimalsTigers
August 4 Friday
Assistance Dog Day Assistance Dog Day AnimalsBody & HealthDogs
August 8 Tuesday
Odie Day Odie Day AnimalsDogs
August 10 Thursday
World Lion Day World Lion Day AnimalsLions
August 12 Saturday
World Elephant Day World Elephant Day Animals
August 15 Tuesday
Check The Chip Day Check The Chip Day AnimalsCatsDogsRabbits
World Honey Bee Day World Honey Bee Day Animals
Homeless Animals Day Homeless Animals Day AnimalsCharity
August 17 Thursday
Black Cat Appreciation Day Black Cat Appreciation Day AnimalsCats
August 19 Saturday
International Orangutan Day International Orangutan Day AnimalsApe
August 22 Tuesday
Take Your Cat to the Vet Day Take Your Cat to the Vet Day AnimalsCats
August 26 Saturday
Dog Day Dog Day AnimalsDogs
August 27 Sunday
International Bat Night International Bat Night AnimalsBat
August 28 Monday
Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day animalspetsremembrance
August 30 Wednesday
Holistic Pet Day Holistic Pet Day AnimalsBirdsCatsDogsFrogsHorsesRabbits
International Whale Shark Day International Whale Shark Day Animals
September 4 Monday
Wildlife Day Wildlife Day Animals
September 5 Tuesday
Turkey Vulture Day Turkey Vulture Day AnimalsBirds
September 8 Friday
Iguana Awareness Day Iguana Awareness Day AnimalsReptiles & Lizards
October 9 Monday
Vet Nurse Day Vet Nurse Day AnimalsJobs & ProfessionsVets
October 14 Saturday
Pet Obesity Awareness Day Pet Obesity Awareness Day Animals
October 21 Saturday
Reptile Awareness Day Reptile Awareness Day AnimalsReptiles & Lizards
November 1 Wednesday
Go Cook For Your Pets Day Go Cook For Your Pets Day AnimalsFood & DrinkPetPets
November 3 Friday
Jellyfish Day Jellyfish Day Animals
November 7 Tuesday
Numbat Day Numbat Day Animals
November 12 Sunday
Fancy Rat & Mouse Day Fancy Rat & Mouse Day Animals
December 4 Monday
International Cheetah Day International Cheetah Day AnimalsCats
December 9 Saturday
International Day of Veterinary Medicine International Day of Veterinary Medicine AnimalsJobs & ProfessionsVets
December 15 Friday
Cat Herders Day Cat Herders Day AnimalsCats
December 18 Monday
Roast Suckling Pig Day Roast Suckling Pig Day AnimalsFood & DrinkMeatPigs
December 27 Wednesday
Visit The Zoo Day Visit The Zoo Day AnimalsHobbies & Activities
February 1 Thursday
Bird-Feeding Month Bird-Feeding Month AnimalsBirds
April 1 Saturday
Active Dog Month Active Dog Month AnimalsDogs
August 1 Tuesday
Catfish Month Catfish Month AnimalsFish
September 1 Friday
Happy Cat Month Happy Cat Month AnimalsCats
Chicken Month Chicken Month AnimalsFood & DrinkMeat
September 25 Monday
Walk Your Dog Week Walk Your Dog Week Animals
October 1 Sunday
Adopt a Shelter Dog Month Adopt a Shelter Dog Month animalsDogs
Black Cat Awareness Month Black Cat Awareness Month AnimalsCats
November 6 Monday
Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Week Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Week AnimalsPeople & Relationships
November 1 Wednesday
Manatee Awareness Month Manatee Awareness Month Animals
December 1 Friday
Operation Santa Paws Operation Santa Paws AnimalsLife & Living