Pet Day

Pet Day - Thursday, April 11, 2024


People love pets. They’re some of the most excellent companions’ people can have and make a living each day just a little bit better.

However, for the animals who don’t have homes, many people don’t realize the benefits of adopting a pet. Even those animals who are old can become some of the greatest gifts in life.

Pet Day celebrates the joy that pets bring into peoples lives and encourages people to help reduce the number of animals in shelters. Bringing humans and animals together helps make the world a better place.

Learn about Pet Day

Pet Day may as well take place every day for most pet owners. After all, we all recognize the love and joy that animals bring to our lives, and we make sure to let our pets know how much they mean to use. From cats and bunnies to chickens and dogs; no matter what pets you have in your home, Pet Day gives you the perfect opportunity to hug your pet more and let him or her know how much they brighten up your life. For most people, a pet is the best friend they will ever have! At the end of the day, you’re never going to find someone more loyal than a pet, right?

Have you ever wondered what the world’s most popular pets are? We are sure that it does not come as a surprise that dogs are the most popular, followed by cats! But, what comes next? Well, you have fish, and then birds. After this, hamsters, gerbils, mouses, horses, and snakes complete the list of the most popular pets. 

History of Pet Day

Pet Day began in 2006 when Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Page decided she wanted to celebrate the joy that pets bring into people’s lives. As a Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, she wanted to celebrate all pets.

Advocating for the adoption of pets from animal shelters, she brainstormed the holiday to create public awareness for the animals awaiting homes in shelters. According to the ASPCA, approximately 6.5 million animals enter animal shelters every year.

The number of animals entering shelters has been significantly decreasing over the years. But there’s still a significant number of animals entering and being euthanized due to shelter capacity and lack of awareness.

Page hopes that these numbers can continue to decrease with the celebration of Pet Day. Encouraging adoption as a first choice is one of the main ideas behind Pet Day.

This is especially true in regards to those who are thinking about purchasing a pet from a breeder. On this day, people are encouraged to love their pets, spoil them, adopt pets, and volunteer at the local animal shelter.

Pet Day celebrates the unconditional love that animals give to people in their daily lives. It also encourages people to take the time to spend time with their beloved animals.

How to Celebrate Pet Day

Adopted pets are the best pets you can have. Most adoptable pets come from loving homes that simply cannot care for them anymore. Or they are strays who’ve been on their own without the loving care they deserve.

Josh Duhamel

Celebrate Pet Day by adopting a pet from a local shelter or pure breed rescue organization. Adopting an animal can become the greatest gift ever received in your life and can help save lives.

You can also volunteer at your local shelter and help take care of the animals by giving the dogs walks around the area. You can also help feed and care for them. Donate blankets, food, and toys if you can’t afford an animal.

If you have a pet, spend time with them by taking pictures of them, buy them new toys, give them treats, and give them the love that they always give back.

There are lots of different activities you can enjoy on Pet Day with your fluffy friend! You could try to teach your pet some new tricks, and make sure you reward him for his efforts! You could also purchase a special gift for your pet or go to that extra mile and make one. Telling your pet that you love him or her as well! 

You could create a social media account for your pet on Pet Day. There is a lot of pet Instagram accounts that have gone viral. If you think that you have an extra lovable pet, why not create an Instagram account and see just how famous your furry friend can become? 

You could also spend some time learning a bit more about pets and the role they have played in history. There are some incredibly interesting stories and tales about animals and different beliefs amongst Ancient tribes and communities. A good place to start is with the Egyptians. Did you know that the Egyptians even sacrificed their country for cats?

In 525 BCE, the Egyptians refused to fight because it would offend their goddess. This resulted in the Egyptian Army surrendering to the Persians, who had an image of the Egyptian cat deity, Bastet, painted on their shields. There is no denying that cats played a very important role in Ancient Egypt, and so it is certainly worth looking into this further, as well as exploring different cultures and their association with animals too. 

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