Polar Bear Day

Polar Bear Day - Thursday, February 27, 2025

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Polar bears are fuzzy and majestic beasts that roam through the cold arctic ice. However, in the past few years, the ice caps in the artic have been melting at a faster rate than it can reform.

Because of this, polar bears have been losing their habitats, their sources of food, and ultimately, dying from starvation and disease. Polar Bear Day aims to raise awareness of these factors by encouraging change. 

History of Polar Bear Day

Organized by Polar Bear International, Polar Bear Day aims at raising awareness of the effects of climate change, specifically how it affects the polar bears. Polar bears live off of the sea ice, relying on it for hunting seals, traveling, breeding, and denning.

Along with the sea ice melting,  commercial activity, such as oil and gas exploration, shipping, mining, and tourism, have also been affecting the polar bear’s habitat and ability to survive.

Polar bears, as a result of these impending changes, have been decreasing in population over time, resulting in a potential extinction of a rare and beautiful species. Climate change, however, does not only affect the animals of the world; it affects humanity as well and will harm our environment at drastic levels. 

To celebrate this holiday, people all over the world take a pledge to help reduce their carbon footprint by speaking with others about the effects that climate change has on the polar bears.

People take the time to learn about polar bears, their ecosystem, and how our actions have been harming their existence. They donate money to the Polar Bear International organization, post on social media about the cause, and hand out flyers of information to their local communities to encourage action.

Polar bears, a diminishing species that fascinates the world, is at risk, and on this day, people come together to educate people about climate change, how it affects all of us, and how our actions contribute towards our future. 

How to Celebrate Polar Bear Day

Donate some money to the Polar Bear International organization to help fund research into the effects of climate change. Talk with your friends, family, and colleagues about what climate change is, and share some facts you have learned about polar bears.

Help reduce your carbon footprint by recycling more, using less water, bicycling to work, or buying items from environmental-friendly companies. Share this holiday on social media, print out flyers from the Polar Bear International toolkit, and share it with your community. 

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