Save The Frogs Day

Save The Frogs Day - Thursday, April 25, 2024

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Frogs just don’t get enough love or enough recognition that certain species of them are in just as much danger of passing from the Earth as bees. Save The Frogs Day aims to raise awareness about these wonderful amphibians and everything they do for us.

If you have an abiding hatred of all things insect, then you should definitely be out there beating a drum for Save The Frogs Day! But that’s just the beginning!

History of Save The Frogs Day

Frogs can be found all over the world, and have been with us for an incredibly long time, with the first ancestor of the modern frog being dated to the Triassic period. That’s a really long time ago! Since then these almost entirely carnivorous beasties have been devouring every known type of insect all over the world.

Not a fan of mosquitoes? You should totally be a fan of the frog, they eat tons of them every year! Sometimes they even eat them before they become mosquitoes, snacking on the mosquito larvae before they ever have a chance to grow into the blood-sucking menaces we all love to hate.

Frogs are often mistaken for toads, the difference being that toads are capable of living on dry land for long periods of time. Frogs require very moist environments, in part because their skin is semi-permeable, allowing water and gasses to pass through it with ease!

Any lover of frogs knows that they also have amazing vocalizations, the singing of frogs being one of the first signs of Spring in some areas, even in metropolitan areas where they’ll find stagnant ponds and ditches to live in.

Unfortunately, frogs are endangered, the number of frogs in the world has been dropping rapidly since the 1950s, and it’s believed that over a hundred species of frogs have vanished from the world just since the ’80s! Save The Frogs Day works to raise awareness about the dangers they face, and the repercussions of living in a world without frogs.

How to celebrate Save The Frogs Day

The first thing you can do is find out what kind of frogs live in our area, and what kind of danger they may face. Then you can share this information with companies, neighbors, and friends to try to develop an action plan to ensure that your community will enjoy the benefits of a frog-filled environment for generations to come. Once you’ve tackled local problems, move on to the world!

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