Etch A Sketch Day

Etch A Sketch Day - Friday, July 12, 2024

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Do you remember Etch a Sketch? If you spent many happy hours drawing pictures on the screen then magically removing them using the plastic slider, you’ll relish the opportunity to relive your childhood on Etch a Sketch Day.

The Etch a Sketch toys are still readily available, so it’s a chance to invest in one and get sketching. If you prefer, taking time to do any sort of drawing or painting will be a good way of marking Etch a Sketch Day.

This day is all about creativity, so undertaking anything which involves a pencil, pen or brush is appropriate. Why not have an Etch a Sketch competition with friends or colleagues, or give everyone a thirty-second limit to produce a work of art?

With so many choices for having fun whilst also creating something original and wonderful, it’s no wonder that Etch a Sketch Day is so widely celebrated.

Learn about Etch a Sketch Day

A lot of people reading this will have great memories of using their Etch a Sketch as a child. At the time, it seemed like the best invention out there! For those who are unaware or need their memory jogging, an Etch a Sketch has a flat grey screen, which is housed in a red frame.

There are then two white knobs, which are situated at the bottom of the screen, on either side. If you twist the knobs, you will be able to move the stylus around the screen, and aluminum powder will be displayed so that a solid line of black powder is created on the screen. This enables you to create different images on the screen of the Etch a Sketch.

Since the Etch a Sketch first came about, there have been a number of improvements that have enabled us to enjoy greater functionality from this toy. However, the appearance and the core function of this toy remain the same! These toys are still in production today, and so if you want to enjoy a childhood experience all over again, you will easily be able to purchase one online for a nostalgic experience that we are sure will still provide as much fun as it used to when you were small. 

You may (or may not) be surprised to learn that there are actually practicing artists that use Etch a Sketch for their professional lineographic work and creatives. These artists remove the aluminum powder in order to ensure that their work is permanent.

History of Etch a Sketch Day

In order to understand the history of Etch a Sketch Day, you need to understand the history of Etch a Sketch. You probably have a lot of fond memories of using this toy as a child, but who do we have to thank for this creation? Well, it is French inventor André Cassagnes who created this mechanical drawing toy. It was then manufactured by the Ohio Art Company.

However, it is the Spin Master company that owns the toy, and they are based in Canada’s Toronto area. Therefore, there is very much an international feel when it comes to this toy, as it comes from France, is owned in Canada, yet is manufactured in America. This is very much reflective of the fact that this toy has an international audience and is loved all around the world. 

The Etch a Sketch was first made available on the 12nd of July in 1960, which was at the Baby Boom peak. At the time, it was sold for $2.99. This may sound like it was insanely cheap, but don’t forget to account for inflation. The toy was known as one of the best toys of the area, as it went on to sell 600,000 units. It then entered into the National Toy Hall of Fame, which happened in 1998.

This happened in New York at Rochester’s The Strong, which is a collections-based and interactive educational institution. It was also listed in the Century of Toys List by the Toy Association in 2003. There is no denying that this is a toy that has had a massive impression and will go down in history as one of the most memorable and successful toys of the 20th century. There have been more than 100 million units of this toy sold around the globe. Pretty impressive, right?

As touched upon earlier, there have been a number of different improvements and changes made to the Etch a Sketch over the years. For example, one of the most significant was the introduction of the Color Etch a Sketch in 1993.

This Etch a Sketch was very similar to the original version. There were still two knobs, like the original Etch a Sketch. However, the difference was that there were six different colors to use, and there was also the ability for a color copy of each picture drawn to be produced so that you could keep your creations. 

How to celebrate Etch a Sketch Day

It goes without saying that the best way to celebrate Etch a Sketch Day is to get your hands on an Etch a Sketch and enjoy drawing on one, no matter whether you have used an Etch a Sketch before or not, you are bound to have a fun experience. You don’t need to be an artistic or creative person in order to enjoy using an Etch a Sketch.

As mentioned earlier, this toy is very much still in production today, so you should be able to get your hands on one with ease and without needing to spend a lot of money. You can challenge your friends to see who can create the best drawing on their Etch a Sketch. Will you come out on top?

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