New Conversations Day

New Conversations Day - Friday, July 12, 2024

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Awkward Silence presents the inaugural New Conversations Day. New Conversations Day is the opportunity to open up exciting new conversations, learning new things about those we know best and dreaming up new ideas. Awkward Silence owner & chief writer Steven Benbow explains why New Conversations Day will be such an impactful day.

“Many are so in the habit of making lazy conversation about weather & sport that we don’t take the opportunity to ask interesting questions and have rewarding conversations” said Mr Benbow. Awkward Silence are suggesting a number of alternative conversation starters that people can use including ‘Which birthday tradition should change?’, ‘How would you feel about your partner doing kissing scenes in a film?”, and ‘What do you want to achieve with your life?’. “Conversation is extremely powerful. It’s the where ideas blossom, it’s where connections are made, it’s the life-blood of relationships” he said.

Yet despite how impactful it is, people tend to under-value its worth.” “This is why New Conversations Day is so important, it’s to help people wake up to how rewarding new conversations can be.” Mr Benbow explains how people can celebrate the day.

New Conversations Day is about not waiting until tomorrow to have the conversations we could be having.

Like asking each other what we should be doing with our lives & making decisions, or talking to our parents & discovering their stories, or simply sharing the big ideas on our hearts” said Mr Benbow.

We want people on 12 July to not be content with dull conversation, we want them having genuinely interesting conversations. We have hundreds of suggestions to get them started, but each conversation is unique.

Ask someone what they would have said if they were the first person on the moon, or whether it’s OK for couples to have secrets from each other. Ask someone what they would teach their children about alcohol, or whether they think animal have morals. Ask someone what their idea would be for a TV show, or about the last time they cried.

Awkward Silence are excited to make 12 July a very memorable day to talk.

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