Mousse Day

Mousse Day - Saturday, November 30, 2024

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Mousse of all kinds is incredibly delicious, a rich and rapturous creation that can only be truly perfected by a culinary hero who is the culmination of chef and artist. While dessert mousse is the most popular and well-known creations, especially chocolate mousse, not everyone knows that there are actually many different varieties of mousse, both savory and sweet, and hot and cold. Mousse Day celebrates this amazing dish and the artists who create it.

History of Mousse Day

While most people are familiar with the iconic chocolate mousse and all of its dessert mousse cousins, the original mousse was actually made in the 18th century by French culinary experts. These mousses were savory in nature, as the sweet variety didn’t come into existence until late in the 19th century. These original mousses were created using eggs, though in modern creations whipped cream is often substituted, especially in sweet varieties. The word mousse actually means “foam” or “froth”, and comes from the French roots of the food.

How to Celebrate Mousse Day

The best way to celebrate Mousse Day is by creating your very own mousse in the comfort of your own home. It all begins by getting your ingredients together, so take a quick trip to the grocery and get:

Heavy Cream (2 cups)
Eggs (4 Large)
3 T Sugar
1 t Vanilla
7oz Bittersweet Chocolate
Optional: Whipped cream for garnish

While you’re there, pick up an instant read thermometer if you don’t have one. It all starts by warming ¾ c of cream until it’s hot, and adding a pinch of salt, sugar, and separate the yolks out of the eggs and whisk them in. Stir the mixture constantly until it registers at a 160°F, and then pour it through a sieve and add the vanilla.

Put the chocolate into a double boiler until its melted, and then add it into the custard by whisking it in. At that point set it aside and let it cool. Take the remaining whipped cream and whip it until it forms stiff peaks, whisk in a ¼c and then fold the rest in. Want to mix it up? Add a little espresso powder, some Grand Marnier (3T) or Cognac (2T), just whisk it into the custard after straining it.

Mousse Day will never be the same when you start making this delicious treat for your friends and family.

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