The Latest List of Baking Holidays 2024

We Love Baking Holidays! Here are 44 Baking holidays in this year 2024. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
January 23 Thursday
National Pie Day National Pie Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFood
January 26 Sunday
Peanut Brittle Day Peanut Brittle Day BakingFood & Drink
January 30 Thursday
Croissant Day Croissant Day BakingFood & Drink
National Croissant Day National Croissant Day Food & BeverageBakingFood
February 12 Wednesday
Plum Pudding Day Plum Pudding Day BakingCakeFood & Drink
February 20 Thursday
National Muffin Day National Muffin Day Food & BeverageBakingFood
April 26 Saturday
National Pretzel Day National Pretzel Day Food & BeverageBakingFood
May 13 Tuesday
National Apple Pie Day National Apple Pie Day Food & BeverageAmerican foodBakingDessertFoodSweet Food
May 14 Wednesday
National Buttermilk Biscuit Day National Buttermilk Biscuit Day Food & BeverageAmerican foodBakingFood
May 19 Monday
National Devil's Food Cake Day National Devil's Food Cake Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFoodSweet Food
May 31 Friday
National Macaroon Day National Macaroon Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFoodSweet Food
June 3 Monday
Chocolate Macaroon Day Chocolate Macaroon Day BakingChocolateFood & Drink
June 6 Thursday
Applesauce Cake Day Applesauce Cake Day BakingFood & DrinkFruit
June 11 Tuesday
German Chocolate Cake Day German Chocolate Cake Day BakingCakeChocolateFood & Drink
June 14 Friday
Cupcake Day Cupcake Day BakingFood & Drink
June 20 Thursday
Kouign Amann Day Kouign Amann Day BakingFood & DrinkPastry
July 1 Monday
Gingersnap Day Gingersnap Day BakingCookiesFood & Drink
July 5 Friday
Apple Turnover Day Apple Turnover Day BakingFood & DrinkFruit
July 9 Tuesday
National Sugar Cookie Day National Sugar Cookie Day Food & BeverageBakingFoodSweet Food
July 11 Thursday
Blueberry Muffin Day Blueberry Muffin Day BakingFood & DrinkFruit
July 22 Monday
Crème Brûlée Day Crème Brûlée Day BakingDessertFood & Drink
July 23 Tuesday
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Day Peanut Butter and Chocolate Day BakingChocolateFood & DrinkPeanut
Sprinkle Day Sprinkle Day BakingCakeDessertFood & Drink
August 22 Thursday
Pecan Torte Day Pecan Torte Day BakingFood & DrinkNuts
August 23 Friday
Sponge Cake Day Sponge Cake Day BakingCakeFood & Drink
August 24 Saturday
Peach Pie Day Peach Pie Day BakingFood & DrinkFruit
October 10 Thursday
National Cake Decorating Day National Cake Decorating Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFood
October 30 Wednesday
National Breadstick Day National Breadstick Day Food & BeverageBakingFood
November 3 Sunday
National Homemaker Day National Homemaker Day ActivitiesBakingCareersCookingLifestyle
November 10 Sunday
National Vanilla Cupcake Day National Vanilla Cupcake Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFood
Vanilla Cupcake Day Vanilla Cupcake Day BakingCupcakeFood & Drink
November 15 Friday
Bundt Cake Day Bundt Cake Day BakingCakeFood & Drink
November 26 Tuesday
National Cake Day National Cake Day Food & BeverageBakingCulturalFestivitiesFood
November 30 Saturday
Mousse Day Mousse Day BakingChocolateFood & Drink
December 8 Sunday
National Brownie Day National Brownie Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFood
December 9 Monday
National Pastry Day National Pastry Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFood
Pastry Day Pastry Day BakingFood & DrinkPastry
December 19 Thursday
Oatmeal Muffin Day Oatmeal Muffin Day BakingCakeFood & Drink
December 22 Sunday
National Cookie Exchange Day National Cookie Exchange Day Food & BeverageBakingFood
December 27 Friday
National Fruitcake Day National Fruitcake Day Food & BeverageBakingFood
Fruitcake Day Fruitcake Day BakingCakeFood & DrinkFruit
December 30 Monday
Bicarbonate of Soda Day Bicarbonate of Soda Day BakingBody & HealthBreadCleaningCookies
February 1 Saturday
Bake For Family Fun Month Bake For Family Fun Month BakingFood & Drink
September 1 Sunday
Honey Month Honey Month BakingFood & DrinkHoney