Binge Day

Binge Day - Wednesday, September 25, 2024

You’ve got the night off and Netflix has finally released the newest season of Orange is the New Black, if you’re anything like us, we know where we’ll find you. Right in front of the television knocking out the entire season in one sitting, that’s where! Whether it’s rewatching an old favorite like Firefly, or champing at the bit for the newest season of The Walking Dead so you can take it in all at once, Binge Day is the day to catch up on your favorite series.

History of Binge Day

There was a time when television stations would run ‘marathon’ events of old series or multi-part movies as a special event for fans, but now it’s something that happens every night of the week through services like Netflix and Hulu. Once a seasonal event, producers of movies and films are now specifically releasing their shows to feed the habit that is binge-watching. Shows like House of Cards are released all in one go, rather than having a weekly broadcast date or release format, and that is a direct result of their customers loving to sit down and lose themselves in another world a season or more at a time.

While reports say that many people start to feel guilty after having watched a few episodes, thinking there was a better way they could have spent their time, binge-watching actually has some very real benefits. By binge-watching a show, you allow yourself to relax and let the stress of the day slip away from your shoulders, and just enjoy your favorite stories for a while. For many people every day is a case of frantic activity and constant digital connection to friends and the world, Binge Day gives you a much-needed vacation from all of that.

How to celebrate Binge Day

Thankfully celebrating Binge Day is a bit of a no-brainer, you just have to pick your favorite show or shows and take a day devouring them all in a grand feast of fandom. There’s no reason you have to do it alone either, gather your friends together and binge-watch your favorite shows together! Want to get creative? Include themed foods and snacks to keep you going through the night, decorate your house to suit the series of the evening, and order a cake with special decorations. After all, binge-watching isn’t just about eating up a series all in one sitting, it’s about celebrating the joy and relaxation they bring into your life.

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