German Butterbrot Day

German Butterbrot Day - Wednesday, September 25, 2024

It is a simple staple of our diets, something sustaining and delicious, and maybe just a little bit comforting. Starting the day with buttered toast is an institution in many places throughout the world, but German Butterbrot Day makes it a celebration!

If you’re a fan of buttered bread, this holiday is for you, and it takes that simple morning treat and turns it into a tradition worthy of being followed. So get your favorite bread out and butter it up for German Butterbrot.

History of German Butterbrot Day

We’re all familiar with the basic bread and butter we mentioned in the opening, but German Butterbot is so much more than that. Butterbrot isn’t just buttered bread but specifically refers to buttered bread bearing a single additional topping to bring it together.

What you add depends largely on the time of day you’re eating it! Breakfast is time for a sugary burst of sweetness to get you going, and so butterbrot is often topped with marmalade, hazelnut spread, peanut butter, jam, or honey. Cream cheese is another favorite of butterbrot fans.

In the evening the ingredients change to more hearty and savory mixes, occasionally even including an entire schnitzel (a breaded meat dish), mincemeat, or even smoked salmon and liverwurst. The range of delicious toppings one can put on butterbrot is only as limited as your palette and your imagination.

Even the bread choices for traditional butterbrot are beyond the pale. Given its birthplace in Europe, German Butterbrot Day is a celebration of the rich, full flavored and bodied bread that are favorites of Europeans. No simple white loaf here, instead you will find a panorama of flavors with a hearty bread like Rye, Pumpernickel, and a special sort of heavy bread known as Volkombrot, a whole-grain bread made with a sourdough base.

How to Celebrate German Butterbrot Day

Celebrating German Butterbrot Day is simple and delicious, make your day a butterbrot day by making it a part of every meal. For breakfast enjoy a richly buttered piece of rye bread topped with jam or marmalade, and then pack your lunch with a cold meat or cheese combo to be eaten atop a flavorful pumpernickel for lunch. When evening rolls around it’s time for a dinner of ciabatta rolls topped with caviar and ham (separately, of course). What new butterbrot experience will you have for German Butterbrot Day?

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