Blame Someone Else Day

Blame Someone Else Day - Thursday, March 13, 2025

Blame Someone Else Day is the compulsive liar’s dream day; a whole 24-hours’ worth of constant finger pointing at unsuspecting victims, a day which would make your nagging mother-in-law think twice about badgering anyone ever again.

This momentous occasion to lie through your teeth and pretend you were struck with a sudden, 24-hour long spell of amnesia, takes place on the first Friday the 13th of every year. You can pin the blame on anyone you wish, but remember that at the stroke of midnight, much like Cinderella, you’ll be back to your old self again.

The amnesia will wear off, your finger will be hurting from all that pointing, and your friends will get back at you for setting them up. But you can blame this brief madness on Anne Moeller in Michigan, who started the trend in 1982 as an excuse for not keeping her appointments on the fateful day of Friday the 13th.

Who would have thought that being in denial can be a cause for celebration? And celebrate you shall: play a classic whodunit role-play game with friends and see who breaks down in tears first, invite your family over, spike their drinks and blame the granny, loosen the screws on everyone’s chairs and blame the children, pour chocolate mousse in people’s shoes and blame the dog… the possibilities are endless!

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