Smart & Sexy Day

Smart & Sexy Day - Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Jobs & Professions

We have to admit, when we first heard of Smart & Sexy Day, we were fairly certain it was going to be dedicated to the ‘Sexy Librarian’ motif. We weren’t entirely disappointed, but the day represents so much more than that, and perhaps the original vision we had is actually part of the problem. Smart & Sexy Day is dedicated to showing that women can absolutely be both. The epitome of intelligence and absolute heart-throbs, and that brains and beauty are a powerful combination.

History of Smart & Sexy Day

Smart & Sexy Day was put out to show women that they were entirely capable of being both smart and sexy, that every part of the way you dress and present yourself is a valid expression of both femininity and capability. As part of showing the importance of these two forces combined, there is a recognition that those who have been suffering from unemployment can often find it difficult to make the right impression during an interview. After all, no matter your capability, it’s often difficult to get that job that matches your skills when you can’t dress the part in the interview. First impressions, after all, are everything in an interview.

The ACDN, the organization that started Smart & Sexy Day, works with thousands of women every year to help give them the leg up they need to become self-supportive and confident in their lives. There’s an overwhelming tendency for women who’ve fallen on hard times to continue to slide down into poverty and hardship, simply because they lack the right wardrobe and resources to rise above it. It’s not an insurmountable barrier, but it is definitely one that makes an impact on women in poverty all over the world.

How to celebrate Smart & Sexy Day

Smart & Sexy Day is your time to shine, get out there in your absolute best, and if you don’t have it on your own, seek the help you need to get it. ACDN branches all over the world are there to help you meet those challenges and become a contributing member of society, able to meet the needs of your family and yourself. Often you’ll find sales at thrift-stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army Stores that put effective interview clothing within reach. These establishments know how hard it can be to nail that perfect interview, and can provide you with the opportunity to make that final leap back into the workforce.

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