Aura Awareness Day

Aura Awareness Day - Thursday, November 28, 2024

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For centuries it has been known that each person gives off an aura of his or her own. This aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person that changes in colour, size and shape relation to our mood. Auras can be compared the halos above the head of saints in various religions. It is thought that the greater the aura, the greater, stronger or more powerful the human being; however, everyone is thought to have one, regardless of age or gender.

A certain aura can also be the first indication that we are suffering from certain illnesses. Although some people find it easier to see auras than others, with special training and discipline, most people are eventually able to tune into their own aura and the auras of other people.

Many people speak of happy pregnant women or people who have just fallen deeply in love”glowing”, or an especially talented and passionate stage performer being simply “radiant”–all of these situations are when we are able to somewhat see the aura the person we speak of is emitting, though we perhaps do not know the right way to explain what we see.

History of Aura Awareness Day

The concept of the aura has been present in Indian religions for ages. Similarly, the Buddhist flag’s colors are those of Buddha’s enlightenment. In fact, both Hindu and Buddhist scholars link the colors that symbolize our auras to Kundalini energy and chakras. In the Christian and Islamic faiths, we often encounter halos around the heads of the holy, or the concept of a “body of light”.

British occultist W.E. Butler connected auras with clairvoyance, and he too believed that auras serve as a visual measure of the state of the health of the physical body. Aura Day was established in 2002 to help create awareness for the important role that auras play in health and well-being. On this day, a number of special seminars are held around the world to help people to tune into their auras, contemplate and understand them. In addition to seeing auras, these auras can also be felt using special techniques, which are revealed during the seminars and workshops that are held on Aura Awareness Day.

How to celebrate Aura Awareness Day

The best way to celebrate this very special day is to start with the basics—acknowledge your aura’s existence if you haven’t yet, and then contemplate what you can do to keep your auric field clean and free of negativity. Just as you brush your teeth every day in order to maintain good dental health, you need to care for your energy field every day in order to maintain good overall energetic health.

This can be done through meditation or prayer, as well as through a number of exercise programs with a focus on the human bioenergy field. Our auras can offer many benefits to our lives, as they are largely responsible for staying happy, healthy and having good luck.

By taking care of our auras and spending time understanding them, we increase our ability to sense various dangers or opportunities. Our auras can also assist our bodies greatly in the fight against various sicknesses, from the common cold to terminal illnesses. If we continue on the right path, our auras will also be able to help us to connect non-locally with others we care about.

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