Boss/Employee Exchange Day

Boss/Employee Exchange Day - Saturday, September 14, 2024

It sounds like the answer to every downtrodden wageslave’s prayers – Boss/Employee Exchange Day, when workers and bosses swap roles. A day when bosses answer the phone, make the coffee (two sugars, please) and deal with that awkward customer. Workers, meanwhile, get to play golf in the boardroom.

Practically speaking, however, when there are lots of employees and only one boss, switching roles is fairly unworkable. So, Boss/Employee Exchange Day is less about doing one another’s job, and more about exchanging ideas. What could make the employee’s day easier? How can we improve this company? What can the boss do about his lamentable swing? You get the idea.

To celebrate, why not take the chance to make that pitch to the boss about flexible working and child-friendly hours? For one fine day, he can pretend he’ll think about it, and you can pretend you believe him.

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