Eat a Hoagie Day

Eat a Hoagie Day - Saturday, September 14, 2024

Hoagies, a type of sub sandwich, may seem like an ordinary sandwich, but for those within the Philadelphia area, it’s a part of their pride and joy. People argue over the origins of the hoagie, who started it first, and who’s hoagies are the best in the city. Eat a Hoagie Day is just one of those unique holidays that celebrate hoagies in all of their deliciousness. 

History of Eat a Hoagie Day 

Hoagies, a type of sub sandwich, is believed to have started in South Philadelphia. Hoagies owe their name to the Hog Island shipyard on the Deleware River when during the depression, Italian-American workers would purchase Italian sandwiches from Al Depalma, a luncheon that called these sandwiches “hoggies”. Some also say that the origin of the hoagie originated from Chester, but others argue that the hoagie originated from Emil’s lunch counter and grocery store.

For the luncheon owners from Emil’s, according to them, they said the inspiration for the hoagie came from a sandwich they saw in Maine made by an Italian lady, to which they began to make those sandwich themselves. When World War II began, many hoagies were being sent out to the shipyard. 

Hoagies are entirely localized to the region, being sold in every Wawa across Pennsylvania state. Made with tomatoes, cold cuts, cheese, pickles, olives, and onions, they’re all stuffed into an Italian bread loaf and are made for those with huge appetites. While the origins of the hoagie still remain somewhat of a mystery and debate among hoagie fans, it is particularly an Italian creation at best.

Eat a Hoagie Day is all about having a hoagie for lunch, whether you’re on your work break or just need to fill up your stomach. Hoagies, nevertheless, are loved by everyone who eats one, especially those within the Philadelphia area. 

How to Celebrate Eat A Hoagie Day 

Make your own hoagie by adding ingredients such as salami, ham, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and onions. Buy a fresh loaf of Italian bread from your local supermarket, grocery store, or bakery to make it authentic.

If you love hoagies with all your heart, take a trip to Philadelphia to try out both DiCostanzas’ or DePalmas’ hoagies to see which ones are the best in the city. Have a hoagie party and create your own versions of hoagies for your friends and family members. Share this holiday with everyone and enjoy a hoagie! 

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