Norfolk Day

Norfolk Day - Saturday, July 27, 2024

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If you’re one of those living in the great land of Norfolk, then you know that you’re living somewhere that has a history that goes back hundreds of thousands of years. It is thought that this area has been inhabited ever since this ancient find, meaning that today Norfolk has over 300,000 years of human history beneath its soil. Its rugged beauty has led to it being one of the most beloved areas in England, and every year they celebrate its history and distinction through Norfolk Day.

History of Norfolk Day

As mentioned above, the history of Norfolk Day can rightly be said to begin over 300,000 years ago when the first humans walked on the soil that is now known as Norfolk. Since then the world has gone through an ice age, the incursion of the Romans, and various technological advancements. When we say that the area has been inhabited over 300,000 years, it’s important to understand that there are finds in other regions of England that go back as far as 668,000 years, so it’s possible that the area has been inhabited much longer than that.

The modern history of Norfolk began in the Roman Era, and from that point forward things have been… interesting… to say the least. It has changed hands many times, been the subject of multiple wars as England formed out of a province of the Roman Empire, became part of the Kingdom of the East Angles, then the Earldom of Harold I of England, and then settled in comfortable as part of England in the Middle Ages. Throughout this period it was one of the most important markets and agrarian areas in the country and is home to a number of English heroes.

How to celebrate Norfolk Day

It starts by studying the history of Norfolk and understanding why this beautiful land is worthy of a day of its very own. Hundreds of thousands of years of human history come together with thousands of years of cultural and technological advancement to create one of the most iconic regions in England. Norfolk remains one of the most beautiful and photogenic areas in England and draws thousands of tourists every year to enjoy its austere beauty.

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