Canadian Bacon Day

Canadian Bacon Day - Monday, March 3, 2025

For meat lovers, there’s not much better than bacon. In sandwiches, fried up on a breakfast plate, served in pancakes, even served with syrup – bacon is the meat candy of the world and has more than its fair share of dedicated fans!

But then there are different kinds of bacon to enjoy – and one of them is Canadian bacon, as it is known in the United States. Canadian bacon is a little more like ham than bacon because of the way it is served – made from back bacon and formed into a cylindrical shape and is sold ready to eat.

The history of Canadian Bacon Day

According to rumor, Canadian bacon may have once upon a time been known as ‘peameal bacon’. This ham was rolled in a ground up dried yellow peas which would extend its shelf life. The versatility of the product would lead to it being quite popular, especially for those who were in a hurry to prepare a meaty meal.

Nowadays, Canadian bacon is usually rolled in yellow cornmeal instead, but the composition of the savory treat remains the same – cut from the loin and served unsmoked in thick, circular slices.

If you were to go to Canada and ask for Canadian bacon, you might be met with a few confused looks. In Canada, it is usually known instead as ‘back bacon’, or simply ‘ham’. If you just asked for bacon in Canada, you would likely receive the same streaky pork belly slices that you’d be used to in the United States.

How to celebrate Canadian Bacon Day

Canadian bacon is so versatile, there’s plenty of recipes you could try your hand at today to celebrate it. Because of the way it is prepared and sold, you won’t even need to cook it before you use it either, so it’s excellent if you’re on a tight schedule.

If you’re in a hurry, simply frying up and egg and serving it with a couple of slices will be a perfect start to the day. Or place a slice into a toasted English muffin with an egg and some hollandaise sauce for a super tasty savory treat.

You can fold Canadian bacon into omelets easily enough, or chop it into small squares and throw it into a pasta dish. If you have a frozen pizza that’s looking a bit sad, you could also sprinkle on some cuts of Canadian bacon and tomato sauce to really jazz things up.

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