Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month - September 2024

Cause Cultural

The idea for Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrated throughout the latter half of September and first half of October, began as a way to promote the history, culture and contributions of Hispanic-Americans. Specifically — those whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. Communities mark the achievements of Hispanic and Latino Americans with festivals and educational activities.

Hispanic Heritage Month is a whole four weeks that are dedicated to the celebration of everyone who is Hispanic or Latino. It celebrates the whole culture and heritage that is associated with this ethnicity and all of the great things that the people bring to the world.

There is certainly too much about Hispanic culture to keep it all to just the one day, so the celebrations are now spread out across an entire month. That means there is plenty of time to enjoy all of the best things about being Hispanic, from the food and music, to the fashion and way of life. Even if you aren’t of Hispanic or Latino descent yourself, there will still be plenty that you can enjoy in this busy month. 

History Of Hispanic Heritage Month

So, where did Hispanic Heritage Month all begin? Well, it dates back to 1968 when a Hispanic Heritage Week was created under President Lyndon Johnson. It was then expanded to encompass a whole month in 1988 by President Ronald Reagan. Thanks to now being a whole month, the four weeks cover the anniversary of independence for many Latin countries, including Costa Rica, Guatemala, and El Salvador amongst a few others.

Since its inception, the Hispanic Heritage Month has become a huge deal in the calendar of many Hispanic and Latino people around the world, and it is celebrated by hundreds of thousands of people, regardless of where they might be in the world.

How to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

There are many exhibitions and events held throughout the whole of Hispanic Heritage Month, so there will certainly be something that interests you to get involved with. Even if you don’t live near any events, you will be able to celebrate in your own home.

Many galleries and museums showcase exhibitions of Hispanic and Latino artworks and notable artifacts. Many cultural centers and music venues will also host special concerts and theater shows to show off some of the best of Hispanic and Latino culture as well.

There are also many great food events as well, including street food markets and festivals, as well as sophisticated supper clubs and restaurant nights. Even if you can’t get involved with any of these public events, you will still be able to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by cooking up some delicious Hispanic and Latino dishes and meals in your own home.

Another great way to get involved with Hispanic Heritage Month is to join in the discussion on social media. Many major figures from the Hispanic and Latino communities are regularly vocal on the likes of Twitter, and especially so in this important month. Joining in with the discussion is a great way to find out more and learn as much as possible about these significant ethnicities. 

As you can see, Hispanic Heritage Month is a great way to immerse yourself into some new culture and to learn a lot about this fantastic community. It’s also a great excuse to enjoy a Latin party as well!

Hispanic Heritage Month timeline


Hispanic Heritage Month Established

Hispanic Heritage Week was first observed under President Lyndon Johnson, but it was Ronald Reagan who extended it to a month-long celebration.


Brothers in arms

Over 300,000 Latinos enlisted in the American military and fought in World War II.


Texas Became a U.S. State

Texas joined the union as the 28th state. Mexico had controlled the territory until 1836 when Texas won its independence..


Fighting for Freedom

The Spanish governor of Louisiana, Bernardo de Gálvez, joined General George Washington's fight against British soldiers and helped win independence.

4 Hispanic Heritage Highlights

  1. A special date

    Hispanic Heritage Month starts in the middle of the month to correspond with the independence of many countries like Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Chile.

  2. Going strong

    Hispanic and Latino Americans amount to an estimated 17.8% of the total U.S. population, making up the largest ethnic minority.

  3. And the winner is...

    Oscar Hijuelos, author of "The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love," was the first Hispanic writer to win a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

  4. Difference of opinion

    Unlike the U.S., chicken tacos are not popular in Mexico. There, they prefer to fill their tacos with steak, chicharron, and chorizo.

How to Observe Hispanic Heritage Month

  1. Plan a fiesta

    Tasty food, mariachi music, and sombreros for everyone!

  2. Involve the kids in fine arts

    Light up young minds by educating them about Hispanic arts. Frida Kahlo’s paintings are a good start!

  3. Start learning Spanish

    We all learned a little bit in school, so why not go all the way! Who knows where that might take you?

Why Hispanic Heritage Month is Important

  1. Strong impact on America

    Hispanic influences are tightly knitted in the fabric of American life. Think music, food, art, cinema, politics, literature, and so much more.

  2. Around one-fifth of the U.S. population is Hispanic

    The state with the largest Hispanic and Latino population overall is California with over 14 million.

  3. Our kids benefit

    While Hispanic children learn about their roots this month, all kids can benefit from learning about Spanish history and culture.

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