Month of the Military Child

Month of the Military Child - April 2024

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Many kids all over the country have parents in the military. Many times, holidays center around veterans because of the health issues they face, whether physical or mental, after serving their country. However, Month of the Military Child is all about the kids and what they sacrifice as well, and this month is all about giving them the appreciation they deserve.

History of Month of the Military Child

The Month of the Military Child is an appreciation month where military families and their children get applauded for the efforts and sacrifices they make at home while their loved ones are out serving their country. These children are generally called “military brats” which children coin themselves as a badge of pride as they travel with their parents, learn from them, and deal with issues like separation, deployments, frequent moves, and parent injuries. This holiday began as a part of the legacy of Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, a Republican who served the white house during Ronald Reagan’s presidency back in 1986 and worked on high-initiative projects for the United States.

During this month, the Month of the Military Child encourages children of military parents all over the country to “Purple Up!”, wearing purple to school and wherever else they go. The Department of Defense Education Activity encourages schools to let their kid wear purple to school and help endorse the holiday itself to honor military children for the sacrifices they make. The DoDEA hopes to support programs to help families through their military service by giving them services that they can use, no matter where they are. Facilities all over the country generally host contests for children and awards for those same sacrifices, because this holiday is about the kids.

How to celebrate Month of the Military Child

The Month of the Military Child is about the military brats that deal with more struggles than most kids. During this month, help endorse military family services in your community so families can have the resources they need to continue without their loved ones near. Help fund a school contest for the military kids so they know they are appreciated. Give a gift to a child you know and tell them to thank you. Share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #monthofthemilitarychild so that way friends and family members can do something of their own to appreciate the military kids that sacrifice their parents to a national cause.

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