Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day

Vascular Birthmarks Awareness Day - Thursday, May 15, 2025

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It’s incredibly likely that, at some point in your life, you’ve encountered someone who has a birthmark, and odds are about even that you yourself have one. Vascular Birthmark Day is a day of support, awareness, and recognition for those who have birthmarks and is there to help people understand those who have them. It’s surprising that bullying for birthmarks is such a common concern, especially given that nearly half of all people have them! If you’re one of those who has a birthmark or knows someone who has one, Vascular Birthmark Day is for you!

History of Vascular Birthmark Day

Birthmarks are incredibly common, though most of the time they’re not visible to people due to their location. If you have a birthmark, don’t fret, nearly half of all babies are born with a Stork Bite birthmark, which is merely a discoloration that feels exactly the same as any other skin on the body. Strawberry marks, another kind of Vascular Birthmark, are another common thing seen in young children, forming during the first weeks of someone’s life and ultimately finishing its growth by the time they reach age 10. Another common kind of Vascular Birthmark is the Port-Wine Stain, resulting from the nerve supply to the blood vessels in the are being absent or deficient.

The most important thing to know about birthmarks is that the vast majority of them are completely harmless to the patient, and all of them are harmless to everyone around them. While they can be unsightly, they can also be beautiful and iconic parts of someone’s appearance. Vascular Birthmark Day is intended to raise awareness of these common features and prevent bullying based on shaming birthmarks.

How to celebrate Vascular Birthmark Day

The best way to celebrate Vascular Birthmark Day is to take pride in your birthmark, maybe even going so far as to share a photo of it on social media declaring that you are not ashamed. If you know someone who has a birthmark and is being bullied for it, stand up for them and make sure you work to help prevent bullying in your community. You can also take some time to study Vascular Birthmarks and learn about famous people who had them, find out how each type manifests, and generally just spend some time educating yourself on these common occurrences.

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