Chocolate Caramel Day

Chocolate Caramel Day - Wednesday, March 19, 2025

Chocolate Food & Drink

Chocolate caramel has got to be the greatest invention in the history of ever. Rich, luxurious high quality chocolate with deep flavors and color, filled with the buttery rich flavor of caramel with a warm gooey texture and golden color, what could be better? Chocolate Caramel Day reminds you that this delightful slice of heaven exists, and that whenever you have chocolate, caramel will make it better. When you have caramel? Chocolate is its missing companion.

History of Chocolate Caramel Day

The origins of caramel are lost to the annals of history, but what we know that it lay somewhere in the 200 years between 1650 and 1880 in the Americas. The intrepid settlers were making hard candies in kettles sometime after they arrived, a process that would eventually culminate in caramels when some bright spark added fat and milk to the boiling water and sugar, and thus caramel was born. It’s worth noting that during this time refined sugar was both rare and expensive, so they were often made with sugar beet juice.

Chocolate, on the other hand, comes from Mesoamerica and has been prepared as a drink there as early as 1750BCE. When the settlers arrived and discovered the rich drink, he quickly transported it back to Europe, where it quickly became a huge favorite. From this beginning as a simple and exotic drink, chocolate has evolved into the rich variety we experience today, thanks in part to Mr. Hershey of the Hershey’s candy company.

You see, Hershey got his start preparing and selling caramel, it was actually the foundation of what would become his growing empire. Once he switched to making chocolate as his primary product, it only made sense to introduce the world into the blending of his two loves, chocolate and caramel! So it was that the world was introduced to Chocolate Caramel as a flavor, and it became a sensation. It may have existed before this, but Mr. Hershey was the one that made it popular!

How to celebrate Chocolate Caramel Day

Celebrate Chocolate Caramel Day by imbibing chocolate and caramel any chance you get. There are chocolate caramel pop-tarts for breakfast, a nice chocolate caramel brownie as a snack with lunch, and a delicious and tantalizing chocolate caramel ice cream bar for dessert, is that not the perfect day? You can also celebrate it by sharing your favorite chocolate caramel treat with your co-workers, classmates, or friends and family. Either bring them a gift, or get proactive and encourage them to bring their favorites to a great share-all!

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