Poultry Day

Poultry Day - Wednesday, March 19, 2025


While dogs may be man’s best friend, man’s favorite meal may very well be Poultry.  The domestication and cultivation of poultry have done a great deal to help society grow and prosper.

Poultry Day celebrates this ancient tradition of animal husbandry has made delicious turkeys, abundant chicken, and eggs of every variety a staple on tables all over the world.

If you love all things poultry and are looking for an excuse to wing it and have a good time, watch for Poultry Day to come around!

History of Poultry Day

Sometimes the greatest things start out from humble beginnings, and that’s how it happened with Poultry Day. Starting in a small town in Ohio by the name of Versailles in 1951, the holiday lasted only a single day, growing in popularity each year until 1962 when it was extended into a two-day event.  

Every year saw more people in attendance, more varieties of food available, and more activities added. Current celebrations of Poultry Day are full weekend events that contain everything from barbecue pits and beer tents to the worlds largest omelet pan.

Poultry Day is an incredibly important event for the small town of Versailles, Ohio.  Every year its population of 2,687 becomes nearly 52,000 for one short weekend. This incredible influx of people has led to the 40-acre park known as “Heritage Park” to become the new home of the festival, with shelter houses, ponds, sports fields, and a walking track.  

The income from the event helps to fund the park and ensure that it is maintained throughout the year, as well as making donations to important charities in excess of $700,000 over a 10 year time.

How to Celebrate Poultry Day

Poultry Day is best celebrated by making your way to the home of the event in Versailles, Ohio and participating in it right there.  If that’s a bit of a trip for you then it’s time to start organizing your own Poultry Day celebration with your friends and family.

Who knows, your own town could become an important mecca for those unable to reach the home town of Versailles, Ohio!  Just remember that poultry is the theme of the day, so include plenty of great meat and egg dishes.

If you want to make sure that every day is Poultry Day, you could even consider getting a small chicken farm going in your own back yard.

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