No Dirty Dishes Day

No Dirty Dishes Day - Sunday, May 18, 2025

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If there’s anything that ruins a delicious and enjoyable meal it’s having to do dishes afterward.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a day that you didn’t have to do any dishes? Thankfully that’s the purpose of No Dirty Dishes Day!

You can head out to eat at a local restaurant rather than cooking at home or just decide to use disposable dishes and silverware. Either way, the goal is to not do any dishes on No Dirty Dishes Day!

History of No Dirty Dishes Day

Disposable dishes aren’t exactly a recent innovation.  The paper plate was first invented in 1867 by a man by the name of Hermann Henschel.  While it was a matter of convenience at the time, it became a matter of public health in 1908. During this era, tuberculosis was a serious problem.

When Dr. Samuel J Crumbine saw one of his patients drinking from the common water source he knew something had to change.  He developed a movement to eliminate common utensils being used at public sources. This led inventors Hugh Moore and Lawrence Luellen to create one of the most popular disposable cups today, the Dixie Cup.

This innovation led to an explosion in disposable dishware including disposable bowls and plates, paper wrappers for food, and wooden cutlery.  These quickly became the common way to feed people who were working at remote locations like bridges, dams, and roads. The 1940s saw a boom in defense factories, and disposable dishes were used to feed the workers there.

Restaurants, the other option for No Dirty Dishes Day, have been around for as long as humans have gathered.  The convenience of having someone else make your food and not having to clean up afterward was a huge draw to these businesses.  The ability to socialize with others while enjoying a meal was also significant.

How To Celebrate No Dirty Dishes Day

To celebrate this holiday you just have to make sure you don’t make any dirty dishes!  It’s simple enough to manage, just order food that doesn’t require utensils to eat.

Pizza, fried chicken, empanadas, egg rolls, corn dogs, these are just some of the foods that you can eat with your fingers.  If you don’t want to eat inside then just take your family out to someplace nice to eat or even have a picnic in a park with disposable dishes!

No Dirty Dishes Day is your chance to get away from the sink and just enjoy your meal.

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