National No Dirty Dishes Day

National No Dirty Dishes Day - Saturday, May 18, 2024

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Whether you’re a mother, father, sister, brother, or roommate, no one likes dirty dishes. That is why on May 18, we celebrate National No Dirty Dishes Day. A holiday most likely created by an upset parent, National No Dirty Dishes Day has sinks around the world rejoicing at the thought of having a light workload and a clear space on this day. So keep sinks happy, and do your part by saying, “NO” to dirty dishes.

National No Dirty Dishes Day Activities

  1. Go out to eat

    Cooking at home means getting pots, pans, and a lot of other dishes soiled. Leave the mess for someone else by dining at your favorite restaurant, or a new one that you've been meaning to try.

  2. Use paper plates

    If cooking at home is necessary, use disposable plates, cups and silverware for all meals and snacks. This quick switch will keep your sink clear and make clean up a lot faster. Allowing you more time to enjoy doing what you desire.

  3. Clean your dishes

    If all else fails and you still have to dirty some dishes, clean them right away. Start by cleaning any dish that may be in your sink, then wash everything you use thereafter. If you're lucky, this may even become a habit.

Why We Love National No Dirty Dishes Day

  1. You can invite people over

    No one likes walking into a home or apartment and seeing dirty dishes. If you are someone who doesn't like inviting people over to your place because of dirty dishes, today is the you can finally invite that Tinder date for some Netflix.

  2. It's all about that feng shui

    Dirty dishes are believed to be full of unexpressed resentment. Saying that you're too tired to do the dishes, makes you sound annoyed. Having no dirty dishes allows you to focus on positive thoughts and what you truly desire.

  3. It's an opportunity to dine out

    No Dirty Dishes day doesn't mean you have to stay home and wash the dishes. This day offers and opportunity to go to your favorite restaurant and leave no dirty dishes at home. You enjoy a great meal and not worry about cleaning.

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