Corgi Day

Corgi Day - Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Corgis are popular for all sorts of reasons. They are quiet, reserved dogs – ideal for urban areas. They love to play, are very approachable, and always know how to cheer you up if you’re in a bad mood. They won’t stop pestering you until they see a nice big smile break across your face.

Corgi Day is a celebration of how these beautiful creatures enhance our lives and make them more enjoyable. It is a chance for owners all over the world to give something back to their furry, four-legged friends. After all, who doesn’t want to show their pet corgi that they care?

Learn about Corgi Day

Unfortunately, all is not well in the world of corgis. While the majority have loving, caring owners who will do whatever it takes to look after them, some dogs aren’t so lucky. Corgi Day, therefore, is about more than just appreciation. It is also concerned with responsible rehoming, corgi care, and adoption issues.

Just like everyone else, corgis need people who’ve got their backs. Corgi Day is a chance for these dogs to get the support that they need to live long and healthy lives from the community. People need to know that these dogs are valuable and worth protecting. After all, their happy vibe and endless playfulness brings joy and hope to millions. 

History of Corgi Day

Corgi Day is the brainchild of the Omaha Corgi Crew. The organization got its start back in 2011 when a group of friends decided to get together and organize an event in honor of their favorite breed of dog. Corgis are, in their words, “vertically-challenged dogs with big hearts,” but they’re also in need of help. 

Initially, the Omaha Corgi Crew was limited to the region around Omaha. But given the fact that corgis are popular all over the world, there was a need to expand.

The organization is not a breeder or a rescue organization, but more of an event organization. It commits to supporting the breed and bringing fans together. A few years ago, the founders realized that corgis faced unique issues surrounding the purchase, rehoming, and adoption. They needed a grassroots organization that would begin the difficult work of highlighting the problems that they face and getting more people interested in the breed. 

Importantly, the group supports both the thoroughbred corgi and corgi mixes. Owners around the world who have dogs with corgi features, therefore, can also take part in the celebrations. 

The community of people interested in corgis is growing. Omaha Corgi Crew posted that it had more than 1,500 members at the last count, many of whom regularly get together for charitable events to support the breed.

Corgi Day tends to focus on “small-base rescue” – tiny centers that take care of dogs that the big fundraisers tend to miss. A lot of these are little more than mom-and-pop outfits, desperate for additional resources to fund their operations. Fundraising tends to go in their direction. 

Corgi day brings together a variety of constituencies involved in the care of these playful and pleasant dogs. Rescue centers advertise their corgis for adoption, appreciation societies organize merchandise fundraisers, and there are also supply drives. 

The fact that corgis are a little on the short side may be their downfall. Some people contend that their height is the main reason for their neglect. Many people, the argument goes, simply look right over the top of them. Corgi Day, therefore, is a reminder that people need to look down at their feet. There could be a corgi in need lurking there!

Corgis offer their owners a lot of value. Even the Queen is famous for owning them. They have a unique nature that makes them perfect house companions. They’re smart, easy to train and are great house guardians. What’s more, they’re incredibly expressive dogs, making them easier to understand than many other breeds. They’re dialed into their owner’s feelings and often react accordingly. When people say that their dog is their best friend, they’re usually referring to their loving corgi. They can make you feel good when you walk through the door, no matter how bad your day was. 

Corgi Day should be the happiest day of the year for your corgi or corgi-mix. It should feel as though Christmas has come early. It is a chance for you to show your corgi how much you care for their furry soul, even if they’re not entirely sure what all the fuss is about!

How to celebrate Corgi Day

Calling all corgi lovers: these adorable pooches need you! 

But how can you get involved in Corgi Day? Fortunately, you have plenty of options. 

One of the best ways to show your support for Corgi Day is to buy corgi-related merch. The Corgwyn Rehabilitation Sanctuary, for instance, sells t-shirts and hoodies with images of corgis on them at a markup. When you buy an item, some of the money goes to support the rehabilitation of these precious creatures. 

A lot of the available merch makes fun of the fact that corgis are vertically-challenged. It’s not their fault – people bred them that way!

The next way to celebrate corgi day is to get involved in a fundraising event. The organizers regularly launch activities in communities across the globe, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Of course, the best place to celebrate corgi day is at home with your dog. Corgis and corgi-mixes need love and attention, just like any other breed of dog. Corgi day, therefore, is your opportunity to provide them with a treat. You could fill their bowl with their favorite food, take them on a hike, or let them splash about in the water.

There are also many corgis awaiting rehoming in rescue centers everywhere. If you have a suitable home, you could adopt one and give it a better life. 

We all love our four-legged friends, but we hold corgis in exceptionally high regard. How will you celebrate this remarkable breed on Corgi Day? 

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