Old Maid’s Day

Old Maid’s Day - Tuesday, June 4, 2024

People & Relationships

Old Maid’s Day is a joyous occasion for spinsters around the world to get together and rejoice in one-another’s claim to the merry, carefree lifestyle and the complete independence which come with singlehood. And it should be, because marriage, childbearing and child rearing are enough to gradually rid a woman of all the spare time, money and vitality she may have had in those early years when she was as averse to men’s advances as a fox is to a porcupine sting.

This annual fête brought single women and men together at dance socials in some of the world’s most advanced cities as early as the ‘30s, and is a tradition that has been carried on to this day, although large dancing festivities are less common nowadays. Back then, Old Maid’s Day gave unhappy single women the chance to meet their soul mates or fall head over heels for the wrong man and waste a few more precious years. Either way, being an old maid was frowned upon, so some women jumped at the chance to pretend to want to get married.

Today’s women celebrate by getting together, drinking Old Maid cocktails, eating Old Maid cake, playing the Old Maid card game, listening to the ‘Eleanor Rigby’ song by The Beatles, and generally enjoying their spinsterhood while it lasts.

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