National Parents’ Day

National Parents’ Day - Friday, July 26, 2024

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Where would we be without our parents, the people who loved us even before we were born? They do so much for us every day of our young lives and the love doesn’t stop once we’re adults. That’s why it’s good to honor them on their special day, National Parents’ Day July 26, celebrated on the fourth Sunday in July.

While Mother’s and Father’s days were first officially celebrated in the early 1900s, (and National Grandpa Day is already approaching its 40 year  anniversary); National Parents’ Day wasn’t established until 1994.  That’s when President Bill Clinton signed a Congressional Resolution “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in bringing up their children.” Well said!


National Parents’ Day timeline

October 14, 1994

National Parents’ Day is official

President Bill Clinton signs the resolution and National Parents’ Day is born.

October 4, 1994

Resolution passes

The House and Senate have both signed the Parents’ Day resolution.

August 5, 1994

National Parents’ Day resolution introduced

The U.S. House of Representatives introduces a resolution establishing the fourth Sunday in July as National Parents’ Day.


Parenting magazine debuts

Its circulation reached more than 2.2 million before its final issue was released in 2013.

February 17, 1897

PTA formed

The National Parent Teacher Association originally formed as the National Congress of Mothers in Washington, D.C.

National Parents’ Day Activities

  1. Call or visit them

    Parents love visits from the kids and grandkids. And let’s face it — they aren’t going to be around forever, as much as we wish they could be. We should tell our parents how much they mean to us.

  2. Tell them they were right

    Parents are always dispensing wisdom and advice as we grow up, most of it unsolicited. As kids, we often dismiss these truths or ignore them outright. Then, we grow up and have kids of our own — and we realize how right our parents were about pretty much everything all along.

  3. Give them a holiday for the holiday

    Find out where your parents have always wanted to go and send them on vacation. Take care of every detail so that all your folks have to do is show up at the airport — or the cruise ship terminal!

Why We Love National Parents’ Day

  1. Parents do everything for us

    When we’re helpless babes in swaddling clothes; our parents feed us, burp us, and clean up our messy bums. When we’re up all night crying, they hold us close to their hearts and walk around the living room singing to us. They bandage our booboos. They give us someone to rely on, shoulders to cry on, and advice about kids in our classes who bully us—then say they have a crush on us. There’s nothing our parents haven’t done for us. We owe them everything.

  2. Parents deserve a separate holiday

    Moms have May, and fathers have June, so it seems appropriate that the very next month of the calendar has a day just for parents. While a relative newcomer to the slate of American familial holidays, National Parents’ Day has evolved into one of our favorites. Remember that even if the person or people who raised you with love aren't biologically-related to you, they have been there during good times and bad. Let’s honor them all.

  3. Parents are our biggest fans

    Parents think we’re beautiful little miracles when we’re kids — and even after we’ve grown up. They cheer for us when we step up to bat during Little League and they encourage us while we learn to play trumpet or even, drums. Our parents mark our growth on door jambs and walls. They celebrate us every day and now it's our chance to return the love on this special day.

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