The Latest List of Family Holidays 2023

We Love Family Holidays! Here are 110 Family holidays in this year 2023. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
January 18 Thursday
National Winnie the Pooh Day National Winnie the Pooh Day Arts & EntertainmentChildrenFamilyParents
January 26 Friday
National Spouses Day National Spouses Day RelationshipFamily
February 1 Thursday
World Read Aloud Day World Read Aloud Day ChildrenFamilyParentsPeople & Relationships
February 8 Thursday
National Kite-Flying Day National Kite-Flying Day FunChildrenFamilyParents
March 2 Saturday
Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Arts & EntertainmentBooksChildrenFamily
March 4 Monday
National Hug a G.I. Day National Hug a G.I. Day CauseFamilyFriendshipMilitary
March 13 Wednesday
Genealogy Day Genealogy Day FamilyHobbies & ActivitiesPeople & Relationships
April 3 Monday
World Party Day World Party Day FunActivitiesFamilyFriendship
April 4 Tuesday
Qingming Festival Qingming Festival CulturalChineseChinese foodFamily
April 8 Saturday
Passover Passover ReligiousCulturalFamilyFestivitiesHistoricalJewish
April 10 Monday
National Siblings Day National Siblings Day RelationshipFamily
Sibling Day Sibling Day FamilyPeople & Relationships
April 13 Thursday
National Scrabble Day National Scrabble Day FunFamilyLifestyle
April 14 Friday
National Ex-Spouse Day National Ex-Spouse Day RelationshipFamily
April 15 Saturday
National Laundry Day National Laundry Day FamilyLifestyle
April 18 Tuesday
Husband Appreciation Day Husband Appreciation Day RelationshipFamily
April 23 Sunday
Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day FamilyActivitiesChildren
April 25 Tuesday
World Malaria Day World Malaria Day HealthChildrenFamily
May 1 Monday
Global Love Day Global Love Day ChildrenFamilyMenParentsPeople & RelationshipsWomen
May 2 Tuesday
National Brothers and Sisters Day National Brothers and Sisters Day RelationshipChildrenFamily
May 10 Wednesday
Mother's Day Mother's Day RelationshipExtended FamilyFamilyLove
May 15 Monday
International Day of Families International Day of Families RelationshipExtended FamilyFamilyInternational
May 18 Thursday
National No Dirty Dishes Day National No Dirty Dishes Day Special InterestActivitiesCleaningFamilyOrganization
Visit Your Relatives Day Visit Your Relatives Day FamilyPeople & Relationships
May 24 Wednesday
Brother’s Day Brother’s Day FamilyPeople & Relationships
National Brother's Day National Brother's Day RelationshipExtended FamilyFamilyLove
May 25 Thursday
Memorial Day Memorial Day FederalFamilyHistoricalMilitarySummer
June 1 Thursday
Global Day of Parents Global Day of Parents RelationshipExtended FamilyFamilyLove
June 8 Thursday
Best Friends Day Best Friends Day FamilyPeople & Relationships
June 21 Wednesday
Father's Day Father's Day FamilyChildrenExtended FamilyLoveParents
June 29 Thursday
Hug Holiday Hug Holiday Special InterestActivitiesExtended FamilyFamilyFriendshipLoveMental Health
Please Take My Children To Work Day Please Take My Children To Work Day FamilyPeople & Relationships
July 23 Sunday
National Gorgeous Grandma Day National Gorgeous Grandma Day RelationshipAppreciationFamilyLoveSeniors
July 24 Monday
National Cousins Day National Cousins Day RelationshipAppreciationExtended FamilyFamilyLove
Cousins Day Cousins Day FamilyPeople & Relationships
July 26 Wednesday
Aunt and Uncle Day Aunt and Uncle Day FamilyPeople & Relationships
National Aunt and Uncle Day National Aunt and Uncle Day RelationshipAppreciationExtended FamilyFamilyLove
National Parents’ Day National Parents’ Day FamilyAppreciationExtended FamilyLoveParents
July 30 Sunday
National Father-in-Law Day National Father-in-Law Day FamilyAppreciationElderlyLoveParentsSeniors
July 31 Monday
Harry Potter's Birthday Harry Potter's Birthday Arts & EntertainmentChildrenFamilyPop Culture
August 2 Wednesday
National Sisters Day National Sisters Day RelationshipFamily
Sisters Day Sisters Day FamilyPeople & Relationships
August 3 Thursday
Heritage Day in Alberta Heritage Day in Alberta CulturalInternationalCanadianFamilyHistorical
Northern Territory Picnic Day Northern Territory Picnic Day Food & BeverageFamily Holidays
August 10 Thursday
Lazy Day Lazy Day ChildrenFamilyMenPeople & RelationshipsWomen
August 11 Friday
Son and Daughter Day Son and Daughter Day ChildrenFamilyMenPeople & RelationshipsWomen
Mountain Day Mountain Day EnvironmentalActivitiesCulturalEnvironmentFamilyHistorical
National Son and Daughter Day National Son and Daughter Day RelationshipChildrenFamily
August 12 Saturday
National Middle Child Day National Middle Child Day FamilyChildren
Middle Child’s Day Middle Child’s Day ChildrenFamilyPeople & Relationships
August 21 Monday
Gold Cup Parade Gold Cup Parade CulturalFamilySummer
September 13 Wednesday
Grandparents Day Grandparents Day RelationshipFamily
September 15 Friday
International Dot Day International Dot Day RelationshipFamily
Shout of Dolores Shout of Dolores InternationalCatholicFamilyHistoricalMexicanParty
September 20 Wednesday
German World Children's Day German World Children's Day CulturalFamilyInternationalChildren
Wife Appreciation Day Wife Appreciation Day RelationshipFamilyLoveWomen
September 24 Sunday
Heritage Day Heritage Day FunCulturalEducationalFamilyHistorical
September 25 Monday
National Daughters Day National Daughters Day FamilyChildrenParents
AFL Grand Final Friday AFL Grand Final Friday SportsCrazyFamily
September 26 Tuesday
Better Breakfast Day Better Breakfast Day Food & BeverageBreakfastCookingFamilyFruitsHealthy FoodLifestyle
National Family Day National Family Day RelationshipFamily
September 28 Thursday
National Sons Day National Sons Day FamilyChildrenParents
Family Day Family Day FamilyPeople & Relationships
October 5 Thursday
National Be Nice Day National Be Nice Day FunFamilyLifestyle
October 6 Friday
​National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day ​National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day FamilyActivitiesChildrenFinancialFunny
October 13 Friday
National Transfer Money to Your Son Day National Transfer Money to Your Son Day FunEducationalFamily
October 15 Sunday
National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day FamilyChildrenHealthParents
October 25 Wednesday
​National I Care About You Day ​National I Care About You Day RelationshipFamilyLifestyleParents
October 31 Tuesday
Halloween Halloween FunActivitiesCandyChildrenCulturalFamilyFestivities
November 1 Wednesday
Orphan Sunday Orphan Sunday FamilyPeople & Relationships
November 2 Thursday
Day of the Dead Day of the Dead FamilyCultural HolidaysElderlyMexicanParents
November 9 Thursday
World Orphans Day World Orphans Day ChildrenFamilyPeople & Relationships
November 18 Saturday
Mickey Mouse’s Birthday Mickey Mouse’s Birthday Arts & EntertainmentBirthdayChildrenFamilyParentsPop Culture
November 19 Sunday
International Men’s Day International Men’s Day CauseFamilyFriendshipHealth
National Camp Day National Camp Day EnvironmentalActivitiesChildrenFamilyWildlife
November 20 Monday
National Pay Back Your Parents Day National Pay Back Your Parents Day RelationshipChildrenFamily
Universal Children’s Day Universal Children’s Day CauseChildrenFamilyHealth
November 23 Thursday
National Adoption Day National Adoption Day FamilyChildrenParents
November 26 Sunday
National Family Health History Day National Family Health History Day HealthChildrenFamily
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving FederalCookingCulturalFamilyFoodHistorical
December 6 Wednesday
St. Nicholas Day St. Nicholas Day ReligiousFamily HolidaysFestivities
December 10 Sunday
Chanukah Chanukah ReligiousSeasonalFamilyFriendshipHistoricalJewish
December 12 Tuesday
​National Ding-A-Ling Day ​National Ding-A-Ling Day FunCrazyFamilyWeird National
December 21 Thursday
National Short Girl Appreciation Day National Short Girl Appreciation Day CauseFamilyFriendship
Look On The Bright Side Day Look On The Bright Side Day ChildrenFamilyMenPeople & RelationshipsSilly & HumorousWomen
December 22 Friday
​National Short Person Day ​National Short Person Day CauseFamilyFriendship
Forefathers’ Day Forefathers’ Day FamilyPeople & Relationships
December 23 Saturday
Roots Day Roots Day FamilyPeople & Relationships
Festivus Festivus SeasonalActivitiesFamilyFriendshipPop CultureTV
December 24 Sunday
Christmas Eve Christmas Eve ReligiousSeasonalChristianFamilyFriendshipHistorical
December 25 Monday
Christmas Christmas ReligiousSeasonalChristianFamilyFriendshipHistorical
February 1 Thursday
National Bake For Family Fun Month National Bake For Family Fun Month FamilyFood & BeverageActivitiesCookingFood
National Children’s Dental Health Month National Children’s Dental Health Month HealthChildrenFamily
March 1 Wednesday
Social Work Month Social Work Month FamilyHealthcareJobs & ProfessionsPeople & Relationships
April 1 Saturday
Couple Appreciation Month Couple Appreciation Month RelationshipFamilyLove
May 5 Friday
National Pet Week National Pet Week AnimalFamilyBirdCatDogPetReptile
June 1 Thursday
National Country Cooking Month National Country Cooking Month Food & BeverageActivitiesAmerican foodCookingCulturalFamilyFood
Pride Month Pride Month CauseAwarenessCulturalFamilyFestivalsLGBTQLove
Care For Your Grandparents Month Care For Your Grandparents Month FamilyGrandparentPeople & Relationships
National Soul Food Month National Soul Food Month Food & BeverageCookingCulturalFamilyFoodHistorical
August 1 Tuesday
Happiness Happens Month Happiness Happens Month ChildrenFamilyHobbies & ActivitiesMenPeople & RelationshipsWomen
September 1 Friday
Baby Safety Month Baby Safety Month FamilyAwarenessChildrenParentsSafety
Intergeneration Month Intergeneration Month FamilyActivitiesFriendship
September 17 Sunday
​Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week ​Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week CauseChildrenFamilyParentsSafety
October 1 Sunday
Eat Better, Eat Together Month Eat Better, Eat Together Month HealthFamilyFoodLifestyle
​National Bullying Prevention Month ​National Bullying Prevention Month CauseChildrenFamilyParents
​National Domestic Violence Awareness Month ​National Domestic Violence Awareness Month CauseCulturalFamilyHealth
November 1 Wednesday
National Family Caregivers Month National Family Caregivers Month HealthElderlyFamilyParents
National Home Care and Hospice Month National Home Care and Hospice Month HealthCareersElderlyFamily
Adoption Month Adoption Month FamilyPeople & Relationships