Firefly Day

Firefly Day - Thursday, April 24, 2025

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Alright Browncoats, it’s time to go out into the black and gather up those lost souls who have yet to experience the wonder that is Firefly. Firefly Day is dedicated to shameless pandering of our beloved show, and indulgent marathon watching of the series from beginning to end. After all, we have to keep spreading the signal or people may never know the dangers of Reavers, or the real story behind the Hero of Canton.

History of Firefly Day

The Story of Firefly Day is the story that bears a sad resemblance to that of the Battle of Serenity Valley. Something glorious was going on, something that was just too damned pretty to die, and yet the wrong side won when those Alliance goons “FOX” cancelled a show that had finally made things on primetime TV a little more shiny. First brought to the air in September of 2002, the show was off the air by December of that same year for reasons that frankly strain the imagination. While it had 4.7 million viewers at the time of its cancellation, it’s fan base was determined by FOX to be insufficient to continue the show. Truly a sad day for Browncoats (fans of the series, referencing the traditional uniform of the Rebellion) everywhere, especially as it was intended to run for seven full seasons.

Of course, careful analysis of the show reveals that, as usual, the Alliance (FOX in this case) can be held to blame for the cessation of free men’s souls flying the ‘verse untroubled. From the very beginning they made questionable decisions in how our beloved Serenity would be portrayed, they announced it as an ‘action-comedy’ rather than a serious character study, decided to usurp the intended pilot “Serenity” for the episode “Train Job”, and aired the episodes out of order to muddle the gorram plot. Firefly Day gives us the opportunity to view it as it was originally intended, and to remember the Battle the fans put up to keep the show on the air.

How to celebrate Firefly Day

Grab yourself a few of your favorite Browncoats and some new recruits and host a viewing of the entire series from beginning to end. By then end they’ll be saying that everything is shiny, except that the gorram Alliance scum have kept Serenity from sailing through the black. Once you’ve got them hooked encourage them to participate in the ongoing campaigns to get Firefly back flying.

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