Teach Your Children to Save Day

Teach Your Children to Save Day - Thursday, April 24, 2025

Money can be a complicated mess to deal with if you don’t know how to handle it. Teaching children how to value the money they have can be an essential life skill to have. By learning about money, people can be able to handle their finances better.

If children learn this, they will be ready to face the world. Teach Your Children to Save Day helps aid this educational prospect by allowing kids to learn new ways of handling and understanding money.

History of Teach Your Children to Save Day

Teach Your Children to Save Day provides bankers an opportunity to show the value of teaching children why saving money is essential. Sponsored by the American Banker Association,

Teach Children to Save Day encourages parents to teach their children about money. This includes the value of what money can do for people, and how to start their savings. Throughout the day, bankers, financial planners, and other banking professionals travel to their local schools and teach students about money.

This includes saving, spending, donating, and investing money. By bringing this habit to children while they are young, they will be able to handle their money better in the future.

Bankers on this day are also given resources that contain promotion material. They also promote student activities, communication tools, and presentation lessons to cover topics involving money.

Parents can also find these resources through their local bank on this day. They can use them to give their child activities and learning materials to help parents bond with their children. Saving money can be the start to better education about money.

Especially once those children grow up and have to handle financial situations. These include things such as unexpected emergencies, loan payments, and other circumstances.

How to Celebrate Teach Your Children to Save Day

If you want an activity that teaches kids about money, then play monopoly. Monopoly teaches about the value of money while also making it fun.

Download game apps on your phone and have your child play those games, making saving money fun and educational. Fill up a savings jar with coins, tell them stories about your experiences with money.

You can also motivate them by listing out goals to complete throughout their lives. Open a parent-supervised bank account with them and teach them how to operate a bank account. Lead by example and show them the value of money. By doing so, they will be able to have a head start into the future.

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