National Dumpling Day

National Dumpling Day - Thursday, September 26, 2024

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The second best thing about National Dumpling Day is that no matter your ancestry, you probably have some form of dumpling in your history. The very best thing about National Dumpling Day is trying new ones, or eating old favorites, or cooking your grandmother’s recipe, or inventing your own, or all of the above. However you celebrate, September 26 might be your new favorite day of the year.

National Dumpling Day may not be the oldest of holidays — it only started in 2015 — but it might be one of the tastiest.

National Dumpling Day timeline


"The Apple Dumpling Gang"

Actor Bill Bixby starred in this Disney comedy-western film set during the California Gold Rush.


The world's first ravioli

​Italian ravioli originated in Tuscany and Venice in the 14th century.

​225 AD

​The Chinese invented dumplings

​According to Chinese legend, dumplings were invented in the Three Kingdoms era.

​25 BC

​The Western world got a dumpling recipe

​Marcus Gavius Apicus, who produced the first known Western text to include a dumpling recipe, was born.

​3600 BC

​The Swiss made dumplings

​Archaeological evidence suggestions the Swiss baked dumplings from flour, cereal, and water more than 5,600 years ago.

​5 Dessert Dumpling Ideas For Fall

  1. ​Stop by the apple orchard

    ​Apple dumplings are said to have originated in Norfolk, United Kingdom.

  2. ​Do you dampfnudel?

    ​This sweet dumpling hails from Germany, Austria, and France.

  3. Switch it up for Turkey Day

    ​This Thanksgiving, serve your sweet potatoes in dumpling form.

  4. ​Try tangyuan

    ​These Chinese sweet dumplings include sesame seeds, candied ginger, and crushed nuts.

  5. ​Don’t forget the sauce

    ​Dip your dumplings in butterscotch, caramel, honey, or chocolate.

National Dumpling Day Activities

  1. Grab a cookbook

    Find a dumpling recipe you’ve never heard of (Coxinhas, anyone? Clootie dumplings? Maultaschen?). Then grab and apron and learn something new.

  2. Go out for Chinese food

    Honor the National Dumpling Day founders by sitting down to an authentic Chinese meal. Gold star if you can fit a different one into each course.

  3. Hop on social media

    Snap a pic of your creation (or your meal out), and post it to social media with #NationalDumplingDay. Then click the hashtag, and see how others are celebrating, too.

Why We Love National Dumpling Day

  1. You can celebrate all day

    Try sausage and egg breakfast dumplings first, Chinese steamed dumplings for lunch, pierogi for dinner, and apple dumplings for dessert. Or what about bacon, egg, and cheese dumplings for breakfast, matzo ball soup for lunch, chicken and dumplings for dinner, and maple syrup dumplings for dessert. Or what about …

  2. Dumpling day is literally rooted in happiness

    TMI Food Group is this day’s founder, and TMI’s mission is about joy. Simply put? “To make people happy.”

  3. Everyone has a dumpling in their past

    The Chinese might be most associated with these doughy treats, but nearly every culture has small balls of dough that you fry, boil, or use in a casserole. Africans steam banku and kenkey. Indians make ada and modak with coconut and sugar. Nepalese serve momos with tomatoes and chilies.

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