Human Resource Professional Day

Human Resource Professional Day - Thursday, September 26, 2024

Being in HR can be a difficult task to handle because of all the crucial tasks that the HR department does help keeps the business running and successful. While there may be some that don’t like that department, they’re vital and essential and sometimes they may not get enough credit for what they do. Human Resource Professional Day is a holiday made to change the perspective people have of HR and learn about why their job is valuable for businesses.

Learn about Human Resource Professional Day

Human Resource Professional Day is designed to pay tribute to those working in HR departments all around the world. It is also a great day for raising awareness about this job role, as well as sharing information about what it is like to be part of the HR community. If you’re interested in working in human resources, you should be able to find a lot of great information online during this period too. 

Becoming a human resource officer is great for someone who has strong interpersonal skills, likes helping others, and is self-motivated. Working in HR means that you are going to implement policies, advise on, and develop plans relating to the way in which staff are used and operate within a business.

Your role is to make sure that you have the right balance of workers in terms of experience and skills, as well as ensuring that development and training opportunities are available so that colleagues can achieve their corporate aims and improve their performance. 

There are a number of different activities that are covered in the HR department. This involves the likes of working practices, recruitment, pay, negotiation with work-related external agencies, diversity and equality, and conditions of employment too. 

There are many different skills that HR professionals are expected to have. This includes the potential to cope with a leadership role, being able to negotiate and influence effectively so that personnel policies are implemented, having good organizational skills, management skills, and business awareness.

Aside from this, working in human resources demands someone who has a willingness and curiosity to challenge organizational culture where needed, approachability and integrity, and interpersonal skills so that effective working relationships can be formed with people at all levels. 

As you can see, being involved in human resources is not easy, and there is a lot that is going to be demanded of you. This is why Human Resource Professional Day is so important. It is a great chance for us to give honor to everyone that works in this industry. Consider a day for you to express your gratitude to HR professionals that work so hard. 

History of Human Resource Professional Day

Human Resource Professional Day or HR Professional Day was first referenced by Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen back in October of 2013 and was created to recognize and celebrate human resource professionals who play an integral role in ensuring the success of organizations by nurturing and developing human capital.

While the holiday was in the discussion back in 2001 on on the internet, the holiday didn’t come into the spotlight until most recently, when Governor-General Hon Steadman Alvin Ridout Fuller, declared it an official holiday in Jamaica in 2018. Another reference to the holiday comes from Sheridan College, an undergraduate college in Ontario, Canada, that celebrates the holiday annual in its business department.

HR Professional Day is all about thanking and appreciating the HR’s who handle the most difficult of situations, including staff negotiating, corporate liaison and legislation interpreting. On this day, people host public lectures about the various aspects of HR, especially for those interested in gaining insight into the HR department job market.

HR follows important legislation, helps co-workers get paid, and gets to plan those fun company parties after a long year’s work. HR Professional Day is a time to learn about what HR does to make people’s lives better and give people the opportunity to join the HR industry.

How to Celebrate Human Resource Professional Day

Attend a seminar your company or local business is holding to learn more about the HR department and the tasks that they do. Take the time to say thank you by giving them a gift or taking one of them on a night out. Do some research about job opportunities that companies have for people interested in HR and see if you want to change up your career.

Share this holiday on social media using the hashtag #HumanResourceProfessionalDay and let everyone know that this day is all about thanking those in HR who make the tough decisions for their businesses.

There are a number of other things that you can do in order to celebrate Human Resource Professional Day. This includes attending an HR seminar. No matter whether you work in HR or not, going to an HR seminar can help you to get a better understanding of what these professionals do. A lot of people are shocked to discover just how much work HR professionals take on. This will help you to get a better understanding and appreciation for your human resources department. 

Finally, you can use Human Resource Professional Day to inspire other individuals to take on jobs in Human Resources. There are many different ways that you can do this. Simply spreading the word about this job role and the opportunities that are available can help to inspire people to take on a vacancy in this sector.

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