National Sausage Month

National Sausage Month - October 2024

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October’s filled with exciting fall activities, but one of our favorite ways to spend this month is by celebrating National Sausage Month. Although it’s fun to enjoy sausages all throughout the year, there’s something special about sinking your teeth into one of these meaty delicacies during a month dedicated to all things sausages. If you’re curious about ways to celebrate, we’ve got you covered. Sit back, relax, and get ready to find out exactly why National Sausage Month is so amazing, ideas for how to celebrate, and even some interesting fun facts.

National Sausage Month timeline


Baseball fans set to eat 19 million hot dogs

San Francisco Giants fans rank among the top sausage eaters in baseball. Their favorites? Brats, kielbasas, hot links, and hot dogs (naturally).


Welcome, Johnsville

The beloved sausage brand, Johnsville, popped up on the scene


Upton Sinclair wrote "The Jungle"

The book pointed out questionable methods being used for sausage making. This led to further regulation.

589 BC

Ancient Chinese sausage lovers

The Ancient Chinese documented making lamb and goat sausages.

8th Century BC

Sausages in "The Odyssey"

Homer wrote about his characters eating an early variation of sausages in "The Odyssey."

4 More Reasons We Love Sausage

  1. A mile-long sausage? Try again.

    The length of the longest sausage ever recorded? Nearly 37 miles.

  2. Now that's funny

    Around 500 BC, Greek philosopher Epicharmus wrote a comedy called "The Sausage."

  3. Sausage is great on pizza

    National Sausage Pizza Day is on October 11th.

  4. Where does that word come from?

    The modern English word for sausage is derived from the Latin word "salsus" — meaning salted.

National Sausage Month Activities

  1. Try a new recipe

    There are a ton of delicious ways to cook up sausage dishes. During October, make it a point to try out a new way to prepare these tasty, meaty treats. Who knows — you might stumble upon a new recipe staple.

  2. Host a sausage and beer tasting

    Sure, sausages are great by themselves, but when paired with beer, sausages are taken to a completely new level. Gather up a few different sausage and beer varieties and then invite some friends over. A tasting is a great way to sample all that the sausage and beer worlds have to offer.

  3. Learn how sausage is made

    Don't just take sausages for granted. Find out how they're made by visiting a factory or local butcher shop. If you get really lucky, you might even find some sausage-making classes in which to participate.

Why We Love National Sausage Month

  1. Sausage is a perfect tailgating food

    Whether you're a football fan or not, participating in a tailgate is almost always a fun event. Do you know what takes a tailgate from good to great? Sausages. Just throw some on the grill — and in a few minutes you'll be serving some some delicious handheld snacks.

  2. Lots of variety

    Regardless of your personal tastes and preferences, there's a good chance that you'll find a sausage variety that will make your tastebuds happy. Traditional pork sausages are a fan favorite, but there are also some excellent chicken varieties out there as well. Vegetarians and vegans can even rejoice; many grocery stores carry soy sausages too.

  3. Sausages are a great way to feed a crowd

    If you're planning an event with quite a hefty guest list, sausages are an affordable and tasty way to feed a crowd. Load up a frying pan or grill with some tasty sausages — and you're well on your way to feeding a bunch of people with only minimal effort.

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