National Waffle Week

National Waffle Week - September 1-7, 2024

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National Waffle Week is celebrated on the first full week of September and the treats prove that design can make mealtime that much sweeter. The word waffle actually comes from the Dutch “wafel,” and that comes from Middle Dutch “wafele” which stretches as far back as the thirteenth century. Before that, the French called it “walfre” in 1185 from the Frankish wafla which meant ‘honeycomb” or ‘cake’. No matter what you call it, no one can deny its deliciousness.

History of National Waffle Week

The flat cakes that the ancient Greeks made were called flat cakes made from a mixture of flour, water or milk or eggs. Originally called obelios, they became known as wafers that had a more simple form. It wasn’t until the thirteenth century that they would be stamped with the waffle-pattern we know today, and some houses even stamped them with their family crest.

Wafers quickly became a prominent part of society’s eating habits. Whether you lived in a small town or inside of a castle, waffles were loved by all. The Dutch passed along their love of them to the New World in the early seventeenth century and then maple syrup was added for a winning combination when the New World put their stamp on it. Wafer then became known as waffle in 1735.

At the World’s Fair in St. Louis in 1904, waffle cones for ice cream made their debut, proving that they could also be versatile. Eggo frozen waffles were introduced in 1953. At the time, they put “frozen” and waffles” together and called them Froffles until 1955 when they just called them Eggo. Electric waffle irons became the standard for homes in the 1930s and by 1964, the thicker Belgian Waffle took off in America.

As the decades rolled on, the popularity of waffles stayed steady, branching off into restaurants based off of them and experimentation with flavors and syrup combinations. In 2001, Waffle House founded National Waffle Week and many eateries have joined in to offer waffle-lovers special deals.

National Waffle Week timeline


The House of Waffles

Waffle House founded National Waffle Week and restaurants honor the week with special deals.



The Belgian waffle takes off in America.


Name Change

With the rise in popularity, wafers became known as waffles.

1200 AD

Stamp of Approval

Flat cakes are stamped with the classic waffle-pattern.

National Waffle Week FAQs

What is National Waffle Day?

National Waffle Day, made to bask in the beauty that is all things waffles, is celebrated annually on August 24.

Where can I get free waffles on National Waffle Day?

Visit your local IHOP, Denny’s, Waffle House, or Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles to see their specific waffle specials.

How many waffle holidays are there?

National Waffle Week and National Waffle Day on August 24 are the times waffles are celebrated.

4 Great Wonders Of The Waffle World

  1. Let's get this (waffle) party started

    ​Waffle parties were popular pastimes in colonial New Jersey and New Amsterdam (New York City).

  2. Nike: Just do it...but don't eat it

    Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman used his wife's waffle iron to create a new and improved sole for his running shoes.

  3. ​What a waffle!

    ​Guiness World Records lists the world's largest waffle as a 110-pound, 8-foot diameter behemoth made in the Netherlands.

  4. ​Waffles, waffles everywhere!

    ​The Waffle House serves 145 waffles every minute, and has served almost 900 million waffles since opening.

How To Celebrate National Waffle Week

  1. Finding deals

    Many breakfast restaurants honor National Waffle Week with their own specials on waffles. Bring along friends and family and get a stack of your favorite style. They tend to change year-to-year, so it’s important to research and find out which deals work best for you.

  2. Try something different

    We all know our favorite waffles, but there are so many styles to choose from. Take this time to do some fun combinations with a flavor of waffle you’ve never tried before and a different type of syrup. There are s'mores, chocolate, grill pan, cinnamon roll, chocolate stout, and more. Who knows, you might come out of it with a new favorite waffle.

  3. Share it on social media

    Waffles are well-loved by many people. During your waffle experience, take some pics of your dish and talk about the experience online using the hashtag #NationalWaffleWeek. You’ll also get to see how others enjoy their waffles and maybe you’ll get inspired to try their version out.

Why We Love National Waffle Week

  1. It’s good for all occasions

    Waffles have that rare quality that makes them tasty for any meal. They’re customary at breakfast, but they’re also great for lunch and dinner. Chicken and waffles have become quite the duo and there are restaurants that specialize in pairing them together.

  2. Waffles have the perfect design

    Because of its grid pattern, waffles hold syrup perfectly like little cups. This makes every bite of these savory treats a true delight.

  3. The best deals

    Everyone loves a good deal, and waffles that cost less are undeniably sweeter. There are so many restaurants that celebrate holidays with special discounts.

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