The Latest List of Dessert Holidays 2023

We Love Dessert Holidays! Here are 84 Dessert holidays in this year 2023. There are pretty of activities to go around. We are celebrating our tradition and culture that deserve their own special moment. Luckily, we have got a few specifically reasons to show our friends some extra love.

Date Holiday Tags
January 5 Friday
National Whipped Cream Day National Whipped Cream Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
January 13 Saturday
Peach Melba Day Peach Melba Day DessertFood & DrinkFruit
January 15 Monday
Strawberry Ice Cream Day Strawberry Ice Cream Day DessertFood & DrinkSweets
January 21 Sunday
National Banana Bread Day National Banana Bread Day Food & BeverageDessert
January 22 Monday
National Blonde Brownie Day National Blonde Brownie Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
January 23 Tuesday
National Pie Day National Pie Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFood
January 26 Friday
National Peanut Brittle Day National Peanut Brittle Day Food & BeverageCandyDessertFoodSweet Food
January 27 Saturday
National Chocolate Cake Day National Chocolate Cake Day Food & BeverageChocolateDessertFoodNational Food Holidays
February 1 Thursday
Baked Alaska Day Baked Alaska Day DessertFood & Drink
National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
February 3 Saturday
National Carrot Cake Day National Carrot Cake Day Food & BeverageDessertHealthy Food
February 5 Monday
National Chocolate Fondue Day National Chocolate Fondue Day Food & BeverageChocolateDessertFood
World Nutella Day World Nutella Day Food & BeverageChocolateDessertNutsPop Culture
February 6 Tuesday
National Frozen Yogurt Day National Frozen Yogurt Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
February 12 Monday
National Plum Pudding Day National Plum Pudding Day Food & BeverageBritish foodDessert
February 16 Friday
Paczki Day Paczki Day DessertFood
February 18 Sunday
Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day CharityDessertFood & DrinkIce Cream
February 20 Tuesday
Cherry Pie Day Cherry Pie Day DessertFood & Drink
February 21 Wednesday
National Sticky Bun Day National Sticky Bun Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
February 28 Wednesday
National Chocolate Souffle Day National Chocolate Souffle Day Food & BeverageChocolateDessertFood
Chocolate Soufflé Day Chocolate Soufflé Day ChocolateDessertFood & Drink
March 2 Saturday
Banana Cream Pie Day Banana Cream Pie Day DessertFood & DrinkFruit
March 6 Wednesday
White Chocolate Cheesecake Day White Chocolate Cheesecake Day ChocolateDessertFood & Drink
March 25 Monday
International Waffle Day International Waffle Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
April 3 Wednesday
Chocolate Mousse Day Chocolate Mousse Day ChocolateDessertFood & Drink
April 28 Sunday
Blueberry Pie Day Blueberry Pie Day DessertFood & DrinkFruit
May 13 Monday
National Apple Pie Day National Apple Pie Day Food & BeverageAmerican foodBakingDessertFoodSweet Food
May 17 Friday
World Baking Day World Baking Day CookiesDessertFood & Drink
May 19 Sunday
National Devil's Food Cake Day National Devil's Food Cake Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFoodSweet Food
May 23 Thursday
National Taffy Day National Taffy Day Food & BeverageCandyDessertFoodFun
May 26 Sunday
Blueberry Cheesecake Day Blueberry Cheesecake Day DessertFood & Drink
May 31 Friday
National Macaroon Day National Macaroon Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFoodSweet Food
June 5 Monday
National Donut Day National Donut Day Food & BeverageDessertFoodFunSweet Food
June 7 Wednesday
National Chocolate Ice Cream Day National Chocolate Ice Cream Day Food & BeverageChocolateDessertFoodIce Cream
June 16 Friday
National Fudge Day National Fudge Day Food & BeverageChocolateDessertFoodSweet Food
June 21 Wednesday
Peaches ‘N’ Cream Day Peaches ‘N’ Cream Day DessertFood & DrinkFruit
June 26 Monday
Chocolate Pudding Day Chocolate Pudding Day ChocolateDessertFood & Drink
National Chocolate Pudding Day National Chocolate Pudding Day Food & BeverageChocolateDessertFoodSweet Food
July 7 Friday
National Strawberry Sundae Day National Strawberry Sundae Day Food & BeverageDessertFoodFruitIce CreamSweet Food
Strawberry Sundae Day Strawberry Sundae Day DessertFood & DrinkFruitIce Cream
July 12 Wednesday
Pecan Pie Day Pecan Pie Day CakeDessertNuts
National Eat Your Jello Day National Eat Your Jello Day Food & BeverageActivitiesBrandDessertFun
July 15 Saturday
Tapioca Pudding Day Tapioca Pudding Day DessertFood & Drink
July 22 Saturday
Crème Brûlée Day Crème Brûlée Day BakingDessertFood & Drink
July 23 Sunday
Sprinkle Day Sprinkle Day BakingCakeDessertFood & Drink
July 25 Tuesday
National Hot Fudge Sundae Day National Hot Fudge Sundae Day Food & BeverageActivitiesChocolateDessertFoodIce CreamSweet Food
Hot Fudge Sundae Day Hot Fudge Sundae Day DessertFood & DrinkFudgeIce CreamSweets
July 26 Wednesday
National Coffee Milkshake Day National Coffee Milkshake Day Food & BeverageCoffeeDessertIce CreamSweet Food
July 27 Thursday
National Creme Brûlée Day National Creme Brûlée Day Food & BeverageDessertFrench
July 28 Friday
National Milk Chocolate Day National Milk Chocolate Day Food & BeverageCandyChocolateDessertFoodSweet Food
July 30 Sunday
National Cheesecake Day National Cheesecake Day Food & BeverageCheeseDessertFoodSweet Food
August 2 Wednesday
National Ice Cream Sandwich Day National Ice Cream Sandwich Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
August 4 Friday
National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Food & BeverageChocolateDessertFoodNational Food Holidays
August 6 Sunday
National Root Beer Float Day National Root Beer Float Day Food & BeverageAmericanCanadianDessertIce Cream
August 9 Wednesday
Rice Pudding Day Rice Pudding Day DessertFood & Drink
August 14 Monday
Creamsicle Day Creamsicle Day DessertFood & DrinkIce Cream
August 15 Tuesday
Lemon Meringue Pie Day Lemon Meringue Pie Day CakeDessertFood & Drink
August 17 Thursday
Vanilla Custard Day Vanilla Custard Day DessertFood & Drink
August 23 Wednesday
National Sponge Cake Day National Sponge Cake Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
September 24 Sunday
National Cherries Jubilee Day National Cherries Jubilee Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
October 1 Sunday
National Homemade Cookies Day National Homemade Cookies Day Food & BeverageCookingDessertFood
October 10 Tuesday
National Cake Decorating Day National Cake Decorating Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFood
October 13 Friday
National M&M Day National M&M Day Food & BeverageCandyChocolateDessertFestivitiesFunny
October 14 Saturday
National Dessert Day National Dessert Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
Dessert Day Dessert Day DessertFood & Drink
November 8 Wednesday
​National Cappuccino Day ​National Cappuccino Day Food & BeverageBeverageDessert
November 10 Friday
National Vanilla Cupcake Day National Vanilla Cupcake Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFood
November 11 Saturday
Sundae Day Sundae Day DessertFood & DrinkIce Cream
November 13 Monday
Indian Pudding Day Indian Pudding Day DessertFood & Drink
November 17 Friday
National Baklava Day National Baklava Day Food & BeverageDessert
November 29 Wednesday
Lemon Cream Pie Day Lemon Cream Pie Day DessertFood & DrinkPastry
December 4 Monday
National Cookie Day National Cookie Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
December 8 Friday
National Brownie Day National Brownie Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFood
December 9 Saturday
National Pastry Day National Pastry Day Food & BeverageBakingDessertFood
December 13 Wednesday
National Ice Cream Day National Ice Cream Day Food & BeverageDessertFood
December 15 Friday
Lemon Cupcake Day Lemon Cupcake Day DessertFood & Drink
December 16 Saturday
National Chocolate Covered Anything Day National Chocolate Covered Anything Day Food & BeverageChocolateCrazyDessertFood
February 1 Thursday
Great American Pie Month Great American Pie Month Food & BeverageDessertFood
June 1 Thursday
National Candy Month National Candy Month Food & BeverageCandyDessertFunSweet Food
July 1 Saturday
National Ice Cream Month National Ice Cream Month Food & BeverageDessertFunIce CreamSummerSweet Food
September 3 Sunday
National Waffle Week National Waffle Week Food & BeverageBreakfastDessertFoodSweet Food
October 1 Sunday
National Caramel Month National Caramel Month Food & BeverageDessertFood
National Dessert Month National Dessert Month Food & BeverageCookingDessertFood
November 1 Wednesday
Banana Pudding Lovers Month Banana Pudding Lovers Month Food & BeverageCookingDessertFoodFruitSweet Food