Dairy Month

Dairy Month - June 2024

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Do you like Ice Cream? What about Yoghurt? Mozarella Cheese? Cheddar? Munster? Do white sauces on pasta make you drool? Is your coffee not complete without a rich pour of half and half?

When you get up in the morning are you already hungry for your toast with a delicious smear of butter? Maybe you’re a fan of custard. If any of these made you perk up and your mouth start to water, then congratulations, Dairy Month is dedicated to celebrating all of your favorite treats!

History of Dairy Month

Studying the history of Dairy takes us back far into the past, as dairy products have been with us since we first learned to domesticate an animal. You could even take it back a bit further and realize that the first food eaten by our most ancient ancestors was milk drawn from their mother’s breast. From there on out milk has been there to help us grow strong, healthy, and enjoy some amazing and delicious treats.

1937 saw the establishment of Dairy Month, a campaign to help encourage people to strengthen bones and build a foundation of good health by drinking rich, creamy, healthful milk. Throughout the nation dairy farmers start preparing to share the wonderful things that are included in the long and broad range of Dairy products.

These intrepid farmers are just the latest in a long line of dairy farmers going far back into history. Nomads originally used the milk from the animals that travelled with them as an important part of their nutrition. When we finally settled in rural communities we began agriculture, and with it we increased milk-production and it became even more a part of our lives and diet. Eventually, as the world expanded and became industrialized, we created commercial milk industries to ensure there was enough for everyone. Dairy Month celebrates everyone engaged in this industry and the influence it had stretching back through the centuries.

How to celebrate Dairy Month

Celebrating Dairy Month is simple and incredibly delicious! Go out today and make sure you buy and indulge in some of your favorite dairy products. Start your day with a great big bowl of cereal with ice cold milk poured on, in the middle of the day stop and have yourself a delicious fruit and yoghurt cup for a healthy boost, and follow dinner with a creamy bowl of ice cream in your favorite flavor.

Finally, make sure at some point during your day you thank a dairy farmer, or even pet a cow to remember where this amazing part of our diets comes from.

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