Decorating With Candy Day

Decorating With Candy Day - Saturday, February 1, 2025

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I am literally jumping and squealing like a little kid! You heard correctly, it is Decorating with Candy Day! Let your imagination run away today. Put a sprinkle of candy on everything you eat or drink. Enjoy that sugar high as long as it lasts! Perhaps you were thinking of updating your child’s room, today is a great day for inspiration.

Decorating with candy could come in the form of pictures, collages or using candy decorated fabrics. The sky is the limit when talking about this. Let your imagination guide you on Decorating with Candy Day.

History of Decorating with Candy Day

Through the ages, candy has been used in celebration as well as decoration. Think of the Christmas decorations or even the decorations for Halloween and you can see how candy has woven its way into our lives. There are other holidays too that candy plays a central part in.

Valentine’s day may be about love, but there had better be some candy with your flowers right ladies? Easter is another holiday that has a candy-coated vibe. I can see why people would want to have a day dedicated to being creative with those sweet decorations and that’s Decorating with Candy Day!

How to celebrate Decorate with Candy Day

Time to celebrate! So many ideas and so little time! That is the great part about holidays, they come around each year – so what you don’t accomplish this year you can set out to do in the next!

But let’s focus on this holiday and talk about food. Breakfast could begin with some sweet pancakes decorated with shapes or faces made with chocolate chips or whatever your favorite melty goodness is. How about adding some candies to a cozy bowl of oatmeal? Or some caramel drizzled over fruit? The morning ideas are many!

Lunch has a few more options as a gift of a package of sweets will turn any frown upside down. You just may make your child the champion of the lunch room today if you send a few goodies along. Everyone has taken time growing up to play the lunchroom trade games and the best thing going was anything sweet!

End the day after dinner with a sweet dessert! You can just let yourself go wild and decorate a cake or pan of brownies with smarties, m&m’s or any other small, colorful treat! Perhaps you are looking for something more adventurous. Try making an ice cream creation with layers of different candies. Don’t forget to add some sprinkles and chopped candy pieces to the top!

If eating the candy isn’t your idea of a good time you can celebrate Decorate with Candy Day by creating a festive table with arrangements of candy at each place. You can take the day to buy up all the fabric that has little candies on it to make curtains and blankets for your little ones. Some very creative people have even shared their decorating ideas on social media. You can find them on Pinterest or Facebook. Head on over and get decorating!

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